This is what would happen if there is no cake at a wedding!

Typically, at a Ghanaian wedding reception, the cake cutting features an elderly woman assisting the couple, after giving a small speech on the significance of the cake and its make-up. Foreign traditions are more likely to just have the couple go ahead with the cutting – no long things. A number of these traditions are quite recent. Others, on the other hand, evolve from older ones. Let’s have a look at some of these traditions across the globe.

But I don’t want monkeys!

“A simple wedding would do. Not too many people – two hundred maximum. After all, it’s the process that matters. Those who miss it can always see the pictures later on Facebook. It would cut the cost on so many things like food, tables, chairs and canopies. I know Tina would want to want to have a say so I’ll let her pick the colours, but no pink. Definitely not pink. It would also be cool to get trained monkeys to play in the band. I’ll call Mike”.

Wedding Planners: Hot or Not?

And to make matters worse, you probably have this uncompromising boss who always has work for you, barely giving you a breathing space. “Oh, never mind” he says, “After all, you do have at least a week off before the wedding”, which is a very generous offer, if you ask him.

Oh, something nice and simple.

We are now convinced that this phrase is the most used, misused, and abused phrase when it comes to wedding or event planning.