One of the most innovative apps on the African continent, Ayefro Inc mobile app, on Easter Monday wowed its patrons and clients with its WedTech Workshop. Bringing together would-be couples and vendors from all walks of life, the event served vital information on a plate of joy and fun. Speakers included Lawyer Naa Shiorkor Boi-Bi-Boi,…

How I managed to make my wedding fun, despite the heavy rains!

So you’ve managed to sail through the bustle of planning your wedding. And on very rocky waters, I must say. You nearly broke down under all the pressure but thank God, you only barely escaped it. Now today is your wedding day. You get to just sit down and look pretty while other people run…

Introducing Ayefro Inc.

Our research shows that weddings and events planning in general, are stressful.

This must not be so. Weddings are memorable occasions. Usually, most people marry only once in a lifetime. So it is very necessary to make sure that everything is just right!