Wedding Planners: Hot or Not?

And to make matters worse, you probably have this uncompromising boss who always has work for you, barely giving you a breathing space. “Oh, never mind” he says, “After all, you do have at least a week off before the wedding”, which is a very generous offer, if you ask him.


It can be incredibly difficult to craft an invitation that both looks cool and provides guests with the information they need. So, today we’re bringing you a selection of some of the most unique invitations we’ve seen out there for your inspiration.


“Have you ever heard someone say picking a wedding venue is harder than picking  a spouse?”…REALLY?… choosing a spouse is harder!!! Choosing the perfect venue for your wedding can be very exhausting . It’s actually one of the most important parts of planning a wedding. It sets the tone for the event, it’s the “meat”…

why wedding cakes?

“Cake is happiness! if you know the way of cake, you know the way of happiness”! Cakes have always been a part of wedding ceremonies since time immemorial. Interestingly rather than being eaten, cakes were thrown at the bride as a symbol of fertility,  prosperity,  happiness and good life to the newlywed couple. The bride’s…