“Why should I pay someone just to talk?” As a Professional MC, this and many more are some questions I am confronted with, as some people are of the view that MCing is just about “talking” and sometimes, being comical. They would rather rely on a garrulous and funny relative or friend to officiate their event, especially, weddings.

Are you a photographer? You just can’t let this pass you by!

You probably already have a Facebook page and Instagram page with thousands of followers. So does everyone else. And don’t be fooled by the hype – people follow pages because they’re interested in the subject matter, not necessarily because they have a particular attachment to your brand.

What am I saying? A large proportion of the people who have liked your Facebook page and follow you on Instagram have done the same for many other photographers.

Here’s our personal tip for you: the more often you upload pictures in your gallery, the more often your profile stays ahead in your category. And the more likely it is for customers to see you when they open their app. So it’s advisable to upload one a day, so you don’t run out of your best pictures.

Good news! Ayefro Inc mobile app has a new update. You are going to love it!

We recognize that everyday is an event, Therefore, whatever you need for your daily events, you can find on the new and improved Ayefro Inc mobile app. You can even order lunch from the Ayefro Inc mobile app! Isn’t that awesome? You can book catering services for your organisation through the Ayefro Inc mobile app as well.

Wedding colour combinations. Help me!

Help me! My favourite colour is black. So naturally, I wanted to use black for my wedding. Yeah. I know. Stop acting all shocked and disgusted! Everyone wants to use their favourite colours on their wedding day. So why can’t I use mine as well? When it comes to wedding colours, research shows that the…

Putting together your guest list!

So you have a date, you are not yet sure about the venue. Ok, let’s start again. So maybe, you do not have a date yet. But you guys love each other and have agreed to get married this year, next year, or some time in the future. What next? Good question! You know that…

Introducing Ayefro Inc.

Our research shows that weddings and events planning in general, are stressful.

This must not be so. Weddings are memorable occasions. Usually, most people marry only once in a lifetime. So it is very necessary to make sure that everything is just right!