Succession Planning – How to, Why to

Hi guys, today, we have great news! Every Sunday, at 4PM GMT, we (Ayefro Inc) host an interactive class on our WhatsApp platform (which we are migrating to our new Mobile App chat platform), dubbed, WedTech Workshop. During the WedTech Workshop, we share knowledge and experiences for Wedding vendors to build their businesses. We have…

7 Things We Do During Our Weddings And Their Meanings

Bridal Shower— What did it mean?

According to The History of Weddings, bridal showers originated in Holland for brides whose fathers denied them dowries. In such a situation, her friends would give her several gifts to allow her have the necessary dowry to marry whatever man she chose. Yes!

10 Expenses To Cut Down On To Have A Low-Budget Wedding

If you’ve got enough to put together a luxurious wedding, why not? If you don’t, however, you must be careful in your expenses. You shouldn’t sell your kidneys to have your wedding. Trust me, no one will remember how classy or boring your wedding was… a week after it has happened. So… give yourself a break!

5 Relationship Red Flags

“No one ever sets out to marry their enemy” is an Akan proverb that is always worth pondering over by unmarried folks. Otherwise speaking, some couples were great lovers until marriage made them great enemies. They were walking down the aisle with the expectation of a “happy-ever-after” future only to be disappointed in its outcome. At…

5 New Year Resolutions To Spice Up Your Relationship

Kobina Ansah It’s that time of the year again that we make a long list of promises to ourselves and others. Calling them New Year resolutions, many of these dreams don’t live to see the light of the day because it’s either we don’t have the discipline to see them through or they are just…

5 Sure Ways To Keep Your Relationship Away From Social Media

Kobina Ansah Yes! You have found love. You’re so excited about it. You can’t wait to flaunt them to your friends. You can’t wait to let your ex know that you weren’t a piece of good-for-nothing being after all. You want the whole world to know you’ve swept someone off their feet. Before you do,…


Kobina Ansah When you come from Africa, you need not to be told how important weddings are here. Your parents can get so involved as though they are the ones walking down the aisle. As if that’s not enough, you can actually lose friends you don’t invite… forever. Yes, you heard me right. Forever! This…

Frivolous Cravings – 4

Challleee, it looks like WordPress is more interested in me writing the story than myself…the app was finishing and rewriting sentences for me la😂😂 I am just joking. Hope you had a great day. Let’s crown it with an episode, shall we? Dig in!!! ——————————————————— Episode 4 Communication ‘I am sorry!’ Yaa blurted out suddenly….