The Ayefro Inc. App is for everyone – including you!

Baking has always been Stella’s passion. Fortunately, she managed to put some money together to go to catering school. And she didn’t regret her decision a bit – the course intensified her enthusiasm to be a professional baker. Hopefully, in some years to come, she would be well-known across the country and beyond. In some … Continue reading The Ayefro Inc. App is for everyone – including you!

Are you a photographer? You just can’t let this pass you by!

You probably already have a Facebook page and Instagram page with thousands of followers. So does everyone else. And don’t be fooled by the hype – people follow pages because they’re interested in the subject matter, not necessarily because they have a particular attachment to your brand. What am I saying? A large proportion of the people who have liked your Facebook page and follow you on Instagram have done the same for many other photographers. Here’s our personal tip for you: the more often you upload pictures in your gallery, the more often your profile stays ahead in your category. And the more likely it is for customers to see you when they open their app. So it’s advisable to upload one a day, so you don’t run out of your best pictures.

How to start a profitable cake business using the Ayefro Inc mobile app

You could do business in a smart way! It is a well known fact that nobody buys cassava at a carpentry shop! People go where they know they would find what they are looking for. If finding your business is a laborious, time wasting task, they would simply move on to other competitors.

Good news! Ayefro Inc mobile app has a new update. You are going to love it!

We recognize that everyday is an event, Therefore, whatever you need for your daily events, you can find on the new and improved Ayefro Inc mobile app. You can even order lunch from the Ayefro Inc mobile app! Isn't that awesome? You can book catering services for your organisation through the Ayefro Inc mobile app as well.

Here are some fantastic ideas for your wedding leftovers

After the wedding, chances are that you’ll be left with a load of souvenirs that you didn’t give out. And in the past few months, you’ve accumulated heaps of accessories from all the planning. There just might be some food left, though I wouldn’t count on it too much. So what do you do after … Continue reading Here are some fantastic ideas for your wedding leftovers

Give Your Brightest Smile – It’s Your Wedding!

You’ve finally gotten this fine lady to be your legally wedded wife. And you should be smiling your heart out. But for some reason, you just can’t get yourself to keep the smile on your face – not even when the photographs are being taken. Out of curiosity, guests may be wondering what’s going on … Continue reading Give Your Brightest Smile – It’s Your Wedding!

For the Grooms – How to Pull Off a Killer Look at Your Wedding

  We recently shared some ideas for our brides to consider when shopping for their wedding gowns. And we think it’s just fair that we prep the gentlemen too so they can also look great on their wedding day. After all, it is their day too. Keep these in mind as your look out for … Continue reading For the Grooms – How to Pull Off a Killer Look at Your Wedding

Nobody buys cassava at a carpentry shop!

The powerful statements above, were made by the Founder of the Ayefro Inc mobile app, during the launch of the mobile app on 1st May, 2017 at the Holiday Inn in Accra, the capital of Ghana.