Ayefro Inc Mobile App – A new way to find clients and build your brand!

Today we are bringing the lesson home.

But before we can even start looking at how the Ayefro Inc app can help is build our brands and find clients, a little background will be of good help

Before Frank got married, he faced so many challenges. Eiiii. The vendors were charging crazy prices for their decor, cake, etc. As a result he and his fiancee almost postponed their wedding. And he realized that the problem was because He didn’t know a lot of vendors. Which simply meant He didn’t have a lot of options to choose from. Not having options takes away your bargaining power. So he asked himself, isn’t there a place He could go to find all the vendors He needed for his wedding and other events?

This is the core foundation of Ayefro Inc. Making it easy for clients to find vendors in a fun, fast, secure and reliable manner.

Apart from making it easy to find vendors, clients will also be able to see the location of the vendors. Also, clients will be able to see what other people are saying about those vendors. Furthermore, clients will be able interact with the vendors by calling them, chatting with them, or sending them emails.

In addition, since Ayefro Inc takes the pains to verify the details of the vendors on its platform, clients can have confidence when selecting the services of a vendor without worrying about whether the vendor is a scammer or not!

For us as a team, this was very important to us. Of course, we weren’t only focusing on the clients, we were also very interested in the well-being of our vendors. We conducted a lot of research before we started this company. We learned that a lot of vendors were not doing so well with their businesses. Finding clients is tough.

Getting clients to trust that, though they are relatively new vendors, they can deliver quality like the already established vendors was a very difficult task.

So in designing our app, we took all these into consideration. Those who have been with us from day one, will know that we keep improving on the quality of our app, all the time. As we study what works, we improve upon them and with the constant feedback we get, we continue to build.

Now let’s get into the app itself.

For our app, you can either be a vendor or a client, who is looking for vendors.

Based on the profile you select, you get a unique experience on the app.

Clients can
1. create events,
2. award events,
3. Review vendors.

Vendors can
1. Bid for events
2. Review other vendors
3. List their services and company details on our vendor directory.

Since this class is focusing on vendors, let’s walk through the most important features every vendor needs to know, to make the most out of our app.

1. List your company on the Ayefro Inc app.

Listing your company on the Ayefro Inc app is the first and most important thing you need to do as a vendor.

After the initial registration, you need to go to My Profile (Click More, then click Settings)

WhatsApp Image 2019-03-03 at 4.27.47 PM
How to get to your profile in 3 steps.


In My Profile,

1. Change your first and last name to the name of your company.

So if you registered with Joyce Blessing, change it to the name of your company, example, Firstname: Ayefro Last name: Inc.

2. Input your company name in the space for company name as well.

3. Input your location.
This is very important because, clients can search for a vendor by only the location.

Assuming I’m having an event at Dansoman and I want to rent the items for Decor at Dansoman, so that I save on transportation cost, I can just type Dansoman and all vendors in Dansoman will be shown to me.

WhatsApp Image 2019-03-03 at 4.32.42 PM

WhatsApp Image 2019-03-03 at 4.32.43 PM
The search results for vendors in Dansoman.


After your general company details have been provided, the next steps to take are:

4. Add a profile picture to your account. Preferably, a company logo.

5. Select the list of services you provide. So if you provide Décor, rentals, and DJ services, indicate those and click on submit.
6. Provide a good description of your company that when a client sees, he cannot wait to call you and arrange a contract with you. Take time to plan out what to write. You will only need to do this once, though you can always go back and edit it.
7. Indicate the starting price of the service or product you are offering. The reason why we included this field was because, many clients are very naive when it comes to planning their weddings, or knowing how much a service costs.

For example, people think that MCs should not be paid a lot.

But if they go through 3 or 4 MC profiles on the app and see that starting price for every MC is about 500 to 1,000 cedis, it will help inform them of the market rates, before they even call, or create an event on our app.

The last thing you can do under My Profile, is to link your other social media pages like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and even your website to our app.

Now the trick to ensuring that what you put in there works, is by copying your social media page url and pasting it in the appropriate field on the Ayefro Inc app.

So if your page on Instagram is DBella Events, don’t go and type DBella events.

Rather, type something like http://www.instagram.com/dbellaevents

Make sure the url you copy is correct.

See the image below for examples. This ensures that from your vendor profile, a client can go and check out your other social media pages and see more of your works, so that the client can make an informed decision!

WhatsApp Image 2019-03-03 at 4.45.20 PM.jpeg

Once you type it in correctly, click save or submit. That’s all. You now have a very good profile that clients can find when they search on the Ayefro Inc app.

So now, let’s look at the different ways clients can find your vendor profile on the Ayefro Inc app.

When a client goes to the vendors page to search for a vendor, they have the option to search by:

1. Category – example, decor, Photography, etc.

If they only type the category, they will see all vendors who selected that particular category when they were setting up their profiles.

So let’s do a search for photographers now

WhatsApp Image 2019-03-03 at 4.51.19 PM

The moment you begin typing, the app gives you some suggestions. So just by typing photo, the app shows me, first of all, the category called photography. It shows this as a service.

Then the app also shows me some vendors whose company name includes the keyword I’m searching for. So I’m the search result, all those whose company name include photo are shown as well. So we will now click on the service called Photography and see the results.

WhatsApp Image 2019-03-03 at 4.53.40 PM
This is the result we got. There are so many photographers to choose from.

At this point, the client may be confused 🤷🏾‍♂. So who do I choose out of the results of about 100 photographers?

That is where being a recommended vendor comes in handy. So let’s take a small detour and talk about being a recommended vendor. To be a recommended vendor, you pay for a 30 day period.

The advantage of being a recommended vendor is that, your profile is shown to the customer before he even begins to search for vendors.

Once the customer goes to check out your profile details and likes what he sees, he will give you a call, sms you, or send you an email to the details you provided.

WhatsApp Image 2019-03-03 at 4.58.24 PM.jpeg

Now let’s click on one of the profiles on the vendors page, to see what we can learn from there. When a client sees a vendor profile on the Ayefro Inc app and clicks on it,

This is what the client sees.

1. Images posted by the vendor
2. Location of the vendor
3. Whether the vendor is verified by Ayefro Inc or not
4. The rating of the vendor, from 0 to 5 stars.
5. A button to rate and write a review about the vendor
6. Call and contact options
7. See the full list of services the vendor provides
8. See what others are saying about the vendor
9. See the social media pages of the vendor
10. See the starting price of the vendor

So far, we’ve spoken about a client who searches by location and category. The next way that a client can find you, is by search for your name. So if a client hears of you somewhere, or sees a signboard, that client can come on the Ayefro Inc app to know more. This is just one way to build your brand using the Ayefro Inc app, and to list your company on our directory, so clients can find you easily.

The next and most important way to meet and interact with clients on our app, is by bidding for events created on our app.

Like we said earlier, clients can create events using the Ayefro Inc app. Whilst creating the events, the client indicates:

1. The type of event. Example, Wedding

2. The date of the event, example, 6th March

3. The location of the client. This is important especially if the vendor will have to travel to the client’s house to perform a service, such as traditional wedding decor, makeup, photography, etc

4. The venue of the event.

5. The client selects the services he needs, and indicates his budget for that service.

This may or may not be a realistic amount. Like we mentioned earlier, most clients don’t know what the market rates are.

After selecting at least one service, indicating price and some extra details to help the vendor to price, the client then submits the event. At this point, all vendors on our app, who have not uninstalled the app, and have not turned notifications off, will receive a notification.

Please note, this will only apply if the vendor selected a service that you have added in your profile. This means that if you are a DJ, you will not be notified when a client creates an event for Photography and vice versa.

To see events which have been created on the app which pertains to the service you offer,

1. Click on more
2. Click on My Event Centre
3. Click on events
The list of events will load.

If you don’t see any event at all, check your profile to ensure that you have selected at least one service.

Under events, there are 3 tabs.

1. Latest events show all the new events you’ve not opened or clicked on, or bid for.

2. Events shows the full list of events.

3. Bid events show the list of events you’ve applied for. When you go there, you can edit amounts of the prices you gave.

WhatsApp Image 2019-03-07 at 3.12.10 PM

1. For each event, you see the name or type of event.

2. You see the name of the client who created the event.

3. You see the date of the event.

4. Location of the client,

5. Services the client requires

6. The eye button is to enable you to hide or remove events you are not interested in, so you don’t see them any lingers

7. When you click on Details, you see more info about the services required.


For the most recent event, The client wants 4 services. Décor, Cake, Weddimg Rings and Honeymoon Destination, Décor. The client also stated the budget for Décor as 8,000 cedis. If you press on the arrow which points downwards you will see more details of the kind of decor the client wants. You also get the opportunity to input your own price that you would charge. This price could be more, less, or equal to what the client has already stated. Same applies to the other services.

After quoting your amounts, the next step, is to indicate why you should be selected out of the list of other vendors who will be applying for the same event. The best thing I would recommend is that you ask the client to contact you for more details.

Once you’ve submitted your bid, We check to see if you are eligible to bid. To be able to bid for a service, what you need to do is to subscribe to a package. Our packages range from 20 cedis to 80 cedis. The more you pay, the more services you can bid for.

Every package lasts for 30 days and expires. Currently, we have partnered with Hubtel to receive payments on the app. As at the time of writing, Hubtel is facing some technology challenges, so the automated option for payment on the app is not going through.

So to pay for your package, send payment to 0243817622 and we would activate it manually for you.

See list of packages below

WhatsApp Image 2019-03-07 at 3.12.10 PM (2)

Finally, let’s look at the factors which will make you more likely to win a contract when you bid on the Ayefro Inc app.

1. Complete your profile like we’ve discussed above.

2. Make sure that you have uploaded pictures to your gallery, so that when you bid, the client can go and look at your pictures.

3. Subscribe to a package so you can bid for the service or event in the first place.

4. Be a recommended vendor so that the client can easily find you.

5. Verify your profile so that the client has confidence to use your services without being scared of you being a scammer.

To verify your profile,
1. Click on more
2. Click on Verify Account
3. A form will load.

Input your ID details and select the date and time that you will be free and available to have a video call with us via WhatsApp video call. Don’t forget to leave your phone number so we can call you.

WhatsApp Image 2019-03-07 at 3.12.10 PM (3).jpeg

The next step is that the client may choose to award the service to whoever he wants. Once you are awarded a service, go and deliver excellence and make Ayefro Inc proud. Remember, the client will come back to review your profile. As you get more 5 star reviews, your profile appears at the top of the search list.


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