Strategic Positioning For Premium And Big Paying Customers

There are many ways to do this, but we will only talk about two or three, and talk in detail at the WedTech Workshop on Easter Monday.

The key to attracting high paying clients, is presentation! Simple. If you understand this, we don’t need to continue the class. So let’s go into details. And I have an example to share that will bring the lesson home. My favorite food is beans and fried plantain. I usually buy it with about 5 cedis and I’m fine. I’m not going to use 50 cedis to eat my beans and fried plantain. But someone will.

Customers have varied tastes. Some clients may not want to spend more than 2,000 cedis on decor. Someone also paid over 70,000 for decor alone. And though it’s good for you to have a segment of the market that you cater to, nothing stops you from going after the premium customers! But to hook a premium customer, it’s all about presentation.

Please note, I didn’t say it’s about branding. It’s about presentation.

WhatsApp Image 2019-01-27 at 4.11.21 PM.jpeg

See picture above I found on Facebook on Waakye. Seeing this picture alone, you know definitely well that the 2 cedis you use to buy the Waakye at atomic junction by the gutter will not even be sufficient to buy the gari shaped like cake! Similarly, this beans will not be sold for 4 cedis.

But the ingredients haven’t changed! It’s only the presentation which has changed.

WhatsApp Image 2019-01-27 at 4.14.12 PM.jpeg

So in a very super saturated and highly competitive industry like the wedding and events industry, to get contracts from the big clients like UN, multinational banks, and other big clients, there are certain things your business needs to present itself as worthy of receiving contracts of over 50,000 cedis.

Like I said earlier, there are somethings clients will look for before they entrust big monies to a random stranger. There are more than 10 things, but we will look at only 3 today.

  1. A registered company with:
    1. A company bank account or merchant mobile money account.
    2. A professional, corporate website.
    3. A customized email address.


We’ve all seen in the past couple of weeks, how customers have taken to social media to vent their anger and pour out their frustrations on vendors and businesses who failed to deliver what was expected of them. Because of this, and many personal experiences, people are becoming very frustrated with businesses done online. So what was supposed to make and facilitate easy business, has now become our downfall.

I can show you countless posts across different social media where people have resolved never to do businesses with online businesses and vendors. And not all of us can afford brick and mortar either. So people need to have full confidence that they can trust you with their weddings, or trust that when they do the mobile money transfer, you will deliver on your promise!!!

So before someone will call you, the person has done some research about you.

For people who pay small money, little or no research may be done. But for high paying clients, they will research into your whole life. Where you live, your educational system, what you post on Facebook, the church you attend and more. 😂😂😂😂😂

1. In the course of their research if they see that your business is registered, you have your certificates, tax clearance, and relevant documentation, you begin to look very professional to them. Then when the time comes to sending you the money, they want to make sure that if anything happens, they can get their monies back. So, they will ask for your bank account which must bear the name of your business. This is because banks do something called KYC, Know Your Customer. So it’s assumed that the bank has info on you. Similarly, if you give them a momo (Mobile Money) number and they see that the name on the MOMO is Andson Travel Consults, or Legacy Events, they have another assurance that you are professional and they can trust you.

2. Oftentimes high paying clients will correspond via email. Especially if they want people to bid for the contracts. Like providing decor for Barclays end of year dinner.If you have a customized email address in the name of your business, you instantly jump to the top of the queue. Example: will win you more points than

3. Though you may be doing well with social media, you still need a personalized website, with a custom domain name. I will spend more time talking about this.

But an example is, or

It’s not enough to have a website, it must be a professional, frequently updated website. Someone will say, I have an Instagram and Facebook page for my business. Why do I still need a website?

Here are the top reasons why you need a website for your business, despite having social media pages.

1. Your clients often move from one social media channel to the other when new ones come. So let’s say you built a Facebook business page with over 100,000 followers 3 years ago. Guess what? Most of your clients left Facebook and moved to Instagram.

Similarly, you may have strong following on Instagram today, but when another social media trend comes up, people will move away to that one.

But regardless of where people move to, your website should always be there to anchor them as they move from place to place!!!


2. It’s becoming increasingly difficult for you to reach even the people who have followed your pages or subscribed on Facebook and Instagram with your posts because, the social media networks also want to make money. So if you don’t boost every single post of yours with some good money, you will generally notice that the user engagement will be dropping with time.

Facebook is the worst culprit. With their new algorithms for how people see the posts on their feed, this is how users see content when they launch the Facebook app, in order of arrangements.

1. Posts from pages that you have followed and chosen see first. Sometimes you can scroll for one hour, and all you will see are the see first pages.

2. Sponsored ads.

3. Posts which are seriously trending.


3. Your pages can be hacked, and deleted.

Even Instagram and Facebook can be shut down. If that happens, what happens to your business ?


4. There are so many things you can achieve with your website than you can achieve with social media.

A. Instagram posts are difficult to find exactly what you are looking for. But on your website, clients can search and find the exact content they need instantly.

B. You can integrate payments into your website so customers can pay directly with their cards and/or mobile money.

C. You can put analytics tools into your website to get to know so much about your users, including phone number, email addresses and more that you can use to do marketing campaigns. You will also get to know which social media channels are more effective for your business, and which content you post, that your clients are more interested in.

D. You can put videos, pictures, and other rich media on your website such as forms, and more, that you cannot put on social media.

For example, we use the Ayefro inc website for the voting and nominations for Ayefro inc Awards.

We can continue on and on, but our time is up, and we will leave the rest for the WedTech Workshop on Easter Monday!

Everyone here needs a professional website.

Guess what, Ayefro Inc is here to provide you with your own unique website and customized email address, which is very affordable, so that you don’t sell your kidneys to pay.

We will also teach you how to update the website and save money.

For a limited time only, we are offering our vendors a special website and customized email address for only 1,500 cedis.


All for 1,500 cedis. And guess what, you can pay in installments of 3 months.

Contact us backstage for a great deal if you are interested. You can email us via or call us on +233 243817622

Today’s class, was sponsored by
Legacy Events – Professional décor, planning, coordination
Andson Consult – Ayefro Inc’s official travel and honeymoon partners
Tappers Local Brew – Everything juice and more for your occasions
ShakeMeUp Juice Bar – Local juice for your events like never before
Airglow Decor And Rentals – rentals of all types in and around ACCRA
Antiok Gh Mc – Mc who makes all your guests laugh and leave with happy memories!!!!!

Counselor Larbi: Wow. Frank very good. God bless you for the great insight. Can a counselor have a website? Is that not too much?

Ayefro Inc: Yep. Counseling online. And you can write and share tips and messages that people can read and be blessed.


Team Ayefro.

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