Frivolous Cravings – 4

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Hope you had a great day. Let’s crown it with an episode, shall we?

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Episode 4


‘I am sorry!’ Yaa blurted out suddenly.

She had taken a seat at the edge of one of the single couches in Fii’s hall. He, on the other hand, had ignored her and concentrated on his football match. It wasn’t a live match but it prevented him from being forced to have a conversation with Yaa.

Fii looked in her direction and shrugged his shoulders.

‘I just wanted a lasting memory…one that…’ Yaa squeaked.

Fii grabbed the remote from the centre table, turned off the t.v. and turned to face Yaa.

‘I didn’t say you couldn’t make a lasting memory Yaa. I feel you somewhat misunderstood me earlier today. Had you been just a bit…’ Fiifi began.

‘She’s the best Fii…her prices are a bit on the high side but…’ Yaa’ s voice trailed off when she saw Fii shake his head from left to right.

‘You still don’t get it…come sit beside me.’ He tapped the space beside him on the leather sofa.

Yaa hesitated a bit before moving closer.

Fiifi stretched out his hand and held hers.

‘Baby, I never said no to your fairytale wedding. I never said Liz wasn’t the best…’ Fiifi exhaled slowly.

‘I want us to draw a budget of the needful. Whatever amount we decide on spending…we give that amount to a good and affordable wedding planner and see what she brings up. Yaa, I love you ok. And it’s my wish to always see you glow with your radiant smile. I just don’t want our wedding day to be the last stop. There is a life beyond our wedding day. We can’t spend all our money on that day’s event and forget we have to live, eat and reproduce after our wedding day.’

Yaa nodded silently.

‘I hope you understand me.’ Fiifi asked.

‘Yes please.’ Yaa replied while staring at her laps.

‘So…How about grabbing a pen and paper so we start jotting down what we need and their equivalent prices. We can use that app you kept going on and on about a few weeks ago.’

‘ The Wedding planning app?…Ayefro? ‘ Yaa asked to be sure.

‘Yes, that very one!’ Fiifi replied in an excited voice.

‘I won’t mind you…I have the app on my phone…we can start planning. I don’t need a pen and paper.’ Yaa rose to go grab the phone from her bag.

Fiifi smiled at her lovingly.


‘Did you apologise?!’ Rabi blurted out over the phone immediately she answered Yaa’s phone call.

‘Wow…no hello?… just a direct question like that? Yes I passed by his end and we talked.’

‘Hope you guys came to an agreement o.’

‘Yes Madam Rabi, we agreed on quite a number of things.’ Yaa replied and remained silent.

‘Is everything fine?’ Rabi asked after a few minutes of silence.

‘Can I ask a question?’

‘Of course, you can. ‘ Rabi encouraged.

‘For a while now, about a month or two I have been seeing him communicate with this particular lady for long. When she calls, he walks out to take the call. Do you think he’s cheating just after he proposing marriage to me?’

‘First of all, you worry too much about unneeded things, secondly have you asked him who she is?’ Rabi answered.

‘I am scared he might say she’s his distant cousin and then after 3 years she will get pregnant…’

‘Wooow.. .woooow……you need to relax. What at all have they been teaching you two at the counselling sessions?’ Rabi asked.

‘It is never right to jump to conclusions especially when it’s in connection with a guy you will soon be marrying. Stop over thinking. ..just ask him!’ She continued.

‘I am not jumping to concl…’

‘Yes you are…it’s funny…I think you were actually worked up about this wedding planner because there was something else bugging you. Open up to him and ask him to be honest with you.

Give him a call and ask. Assuming the answers to unasked questions can destroy your relationship Yaa. Nib it in the bud.

‘You didn’t even let me…’ Yaa tried talking.

‘No…I didn’t and I won’t allow you to finish. I know you Yaa, I know you are a sweet lady with a dark side of being childish, immature and disrespectful especially when you are unhappy.

Fii is a great guy who literally worships the ground you walk on. I don’t want you to lose a good man because of this behaviour. Now call him!’ Rabi barked over the phone.

To be continued…

Guys, I am so sleepy eh…see you God willing tomorrow.


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