Wedding gifts can be very dangerous. Here is why!

A newly-married man was killed and his wife were critically injured when a gift that was presented to them at their wedding reception exploded later at their home in India.

The tragic incident took place in Odisha’s Bolangir district on Friday, just five days after their wedding. How sad!

According to Police, the man’s grandmother also died in the blast. The elderly woman died on the spot while her grandson died at a hospital in Rourkela where he was rushed to after being injured.

The authorities say they have started investigating the case, with hope to identify the guest  who gave the package to the couple at their reception ceremony and what kind of explosive was used in the incident.

Patnagarh Sub-Divisional Police Officer, Sesadeva Bariha who confirmed the incident, said: ‘The gift was given to the couple by an unidentified person at the marriage reception on 21 February.’

“The police have collected evidence and an investigation is on,” adding that efforts were on to identify the person who had given the gift to the couple.

According to reports, the wife of the man who was also severely injured in the explosion at their residence is still undergoing treatment at a government hospital in Burla.

In Ghana, because of superstition, some newly weds are advised not to open their wedding gifts till at least seven days after the wedding. Some couples go all the way as to anoint the gifts before opening them in their bid to ward off evil spiritual powers supposedly attached to the gifts by their enemies.

Whether spiritual harm or physical harm, the fact still remains that some gifts may be dangerous.

Here at Ayefro Inc, we advise that you create a digital invitation, and setup a collection account for your weddings such that anyone who wants to send you a gift can do so in monetary terms and save you the unfortunate situation where people can actually send you explosives wrapped as gifts, most likely from the broken-hearted exs we sometimes leave behind in life.

We can help you create a collection account that can receive mobile money and card payments to facilitate this. Just send us an email at or 0243817622.

Don’t forget to download the Ayefro Inc mobile app from the Google Play store and iOS app store to find all the vendors you need for your weddings, end of year dinner, funerals, and more.

What is your experience when it comes to wedding gifts? Do you have any superstitions? What does your culture advise? Please share in the comments.

Happy Planning.

Team Ayefro.



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