The first time you attempt something, is always the most difficult, especially, when what you are attempting to do, is one of your greatest fears. growing up, I used to be a very shy person. Yet, I was very determined to overcome this fear/weakness.

Whenever I have to stand in front of people to perform any activity, my shy self would hold me back. The night before the wedding, I could not sleep. I was reminded of the time I auditioned for a Talent Reality Show in Ghana called “Stars of the Future”.

That was the most embarrassing moment of my life. Growing up, I always wanted to be famous. For the sake of being famous. Stars of the Future was the right platform to catapult me to the level of fame I dreamed of. Or so I thought. 🙂

Dreams of a naive teenager entering his early twenties. As I stood before the judges, my legs shook so badly that I just wanted to disappear into the ground. Ei. My own legs, I tried my best but yet they won’t stand still.

A day I will never forget.

So growing up, I had many such encounters where I had to stand in front of people. Like in University, when I had to present my project work. I wore suit, but still my legs were shaking. Even through the suit. Oh yes, I was sweating as well.

But I could not say no when this Gentleman from Sierra Leone called me one Sunday Afternoon, to ask that I be his MC on his wedding day. According to him, I have the charisma, the character and the kind of personality he is looking for. Needless to say I was shocked beyond words.

But I decided to give it a shot! Not just a shot, I was determined to give off my best. I was determined to be a very good MC, and make the wedding a very memorable one. Well, it ended up being memorable but not in the way I thought it would be. But more on that later.

Two weeks to the wedding, I had dinner with the couple to try to get a general feel of what their plans for the wedding was like. I also wanted to connect more with them so that we could “Flow” on that day. We had fun, ate some terrible pizza, and strategically planned every step of the wedding together.

Since the Groom was from Sierra Leone, this was especially important to me because I wanted to be able to relate to his side of the guests and use terms that they could also relate to and feel more at home than normally would happen. For example, I learnt that in Sierra Leone, “Una Carbo” means “Welcome”. So I said a lot of Una Carbo on the wedding day. I also learned that they say “Tenki” instead of “Thank you”. Sort of some slang.

As the days rolled by, I kept in touch with the groom especially, to make sure that everything was going on well.


How did I know to do all these even though it was my first time? I had a lot of coaching from a Professional MC on the Ayefro Inc app, by name “Awura Quansema”. I also spent time going through her blog and reading her experiences and write ups as a wedding and corporate events MC.

She is very charismatic and lovely to be around. She was one of  four MCs who hosted the Ayefro Inc Awards in December 2017. Search for her on the Ayefro Inc app and use her services. She comes highly recommended.

The day before the wedding, I got serious running stomach just thinking about the next day’s event and the butterflies in m,y stomach would not just go away.

Well, the wedding day finally came. It started off very horribly. For details on the wedding event, make sure to subscribe to this blog so that when we post it up you will be the first to read.

Download the Ayefro Inc mobile app if you haven’t so you can see all the wedding pictures and other diaries and plan your events in the comfort of your homes. Ayefro Inc app provides a Fun, Fast and Reliable way of planning events on the go!

If you are a wedding or event’s MC or provide any kind of service for weddings and other events, the Ayefro Inc mobile app would help you get more clients and build your brand.

Happy Planning.

Team Ayefro.





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