3 Reasons why Ayefro Inc will change the events industry in 2018.

Happy New year folks!

2017 was a special year for the event’s industry because Ayefro Inc, the biggest Wedding and Event Planning app in the world, was launched.

Ayefro Inc launched on 1st May, 2017 and promised to change the way couples and event holders plan weddings, especially when it comes to finding the right vendors to provide the required services.

We hit the ground running with our Launch Event at Holiday Inn Hotel in Accra, Ghana. We clearly outlined our ambition to be the biggest events app in the world with the vision to reach 1 million users by 2020.

Our aim is not just to have users and create convenience, our aim is also to create jobs and employment opportunities for vendors. Especially start-up vendors. People who attend training schools for catering, decor, cake and sugar crafts, and more. We feel your pain. Our research we conducted before we launched the app, even before we typed a line of code, showed that most start-up vendors are unable to get even 1 contract in a month. That, in our opinion, is unacceptable!

The same vendors keep getting all the clients repeatedly, to the point that they are unable to even deliver on some. This is especially true of dressmakers and tailors. They receive so many orders that they are unable to provide their clients the desired products in a timely manner. If you have encountered any such vendor, you will understand where we are coming from.

The way forward for start-up vendors


As a start-up vendor, you can decide to go through the old, traditional way of doing things;

  1. Set up a shop in a small corner of your city
  2. Put up a sign board
  3. Pray that people find your signboard and are interested enough to patronize your services.


  1. Create a Facebook page
  2. Promote your page on Facebook
  3. Get people coming to sell lotto numbers on your promoted post. (Sigh)

OR you can do the right thing and sign up with the Ayefro Inc app and be notified whenever clients are looking for services you are able to provide. Instantly. After all, nobody buys cassava at the carpentry shop.

In 2017, after launching the app on Android only and being in the store for only 7 months, we had over 70 real events being created using the Ayefro Inc app. Some vendors made as much as 16,000 Cedis (about 4,000 to 5,000 USD) in revenue alone, in one month!

In 2018, we have finally released our app on iOS, after taking time to greatly improve the android app and make it even easier for clients to create events, find vendors, and interact with other event lovers.

There are many many other features in our new and improved app, affectionately nicknamed “3 is bae”, since this is version 3.0 of the Ayefro Inc app. Download the app to enjoy the redesigned interface and get the chance to win instant airtime, smartphones, and shopping vouchers by just sharing the app with other event lovers. The app is not just an event planning app. It is also a social media place for event lovers.


Ayefro Inc Fair 2018


2017 was the year Ayefro Inc Fair gave 17 relatively unknown vendors the opportunity to showcase their goods and services to a wide variety of interested clients, with vendors making sales beyond their expectations. We say beyond their expectations because many were scared that being our first time, we would not get the patronage we were expecting. To address this fear, we left no stone unturned in aggressively utilizing all means of advertising, including social media, campus storms, radio and TV adverts to create as much awareness as possible for our Fair.

Click here to view the Fair pictures.

In 2018, we intend to raise things up a notch. We are increasing the number of days for the Ayefro Inc Fair from 1 day to 3 days. We are increasing the number of vendors, and increasing our marketing budget to ensure that we get unprecedented levels of attendance by fair-goers.

In addition, we are embarking on a 4 Months advertising campaign to ensure that our vendors get the best value for their money. Our Fair will always be the cheapest Fair in Ghana, without compromising on quality.


Wedding Planning Workshops

We are a company whose main competitive advantage is based on innovation. We always strive to stay ahead of the competition by ensuring we conduct research and providing exceptional services to our cherished customers. As a result, our app is updated often to meet international standards. In line with our vision therefore, we would be conducting periodic workshops to orient vendors on how to make the best use of our app, and services, in order to make more profit and meet their personal and company goals.

Such workshops will have clients present so they can meet and interact with vendors and do business.

Follow our blog to stay updated on the upcoming workshop schedules.


Ayefro Inc Awards

At Ayefro Inc, we hold this saying in high esteem. “Hard working vendors must be awarded, whilst lazy vendors must be avoided”.

In 2017, we organised the first ever Awards for vendors in the Events industry, in Ghana. There were over 20 awards presented to deserving vendors. This year, we would make it even more exciting. This is the best time to be a vendor if you are not yet one. This is the best time to join the Ayefro Inc community if you have not yet done so.

There you have it. Download the Ayefro Inc mobile App now to join the biggest Events Communtiy in the world.


Cheers to a fruitful year.

Happy Planning!

Team Ayefro.

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