Things you won’t believe happened at a wedding!

This weekend, many of us will be attending weddings and other events.
Weddings are memorable occasions because you cannot predict what will happen. You may plan the programme, but, friends, families, wedding crashers, etc, can quickly turn your programme upside down in a matter of seconds.
There have been many crazy things which have happened at weddings and events, like the couple arriving in the tractor.
There are lots of fun, funny and exciting moments at weddings all the time. Share what you see on the Ayefro Inc App. Post directly to your diaries as they happen.
Whatever event you attends, share pictures with us straight to the Ayefro Diaries.
The Ayefro Diaries is a new feature of the Ayefro Inc app which allows everyone to post directly to the app, events as they happen. It is social media for events. Now you won’t miss a single click which happened over the weekend.
We want to see some. Everyone wants to see some.
Download the Ayefro Inc app from the Google Play Store or iOS App Store to join the fun.
Team Ayefro.

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