Our predictions for 2018 wedding trends!

2017 was a very exciting year. Lots of celebrities and non celebrities tied the knot and showed us that love is indeed a beautiful thing!

Based on the trends we observed, we can predict some things that would happen in the wedding industry in 2018.

Our list may differ from yours, but let’s see!

1. Weddings will be more colorful.

In 2017, we noticed a gradual shift from the cliche white and gold wedding themes to more vibrant colors, mixture of colors, and themes which did not even include white!

That is more like it. Variety, after all is the spice of life.

Please, let’s also do more African-themed weddings wai.


2. More couples will do both cocktail and private dinner for their wedding reception parties!

As weddings become more competitive and trendy, people still find ways to save on funds.

There has been a gradual shift from the mass reception parties to cocktail sessions for the masses, followed by intimate dinners, which are strictly by invitation.

This leads us to the next prediction.


3.  Weddings will close later than usual. So eat before you go!

We won’t be surprised at all if weddings start closing at midnight or even later. An all night long wedding. Can you imagine? People are going to all extents to please and entertain their guests during weddings and the catalogue of events and activities on wedding programs keep increasing by the day.

I have been to a wedding which started at 9AM and as at 9PM when I was leaving the reception party, the couple were still there. I wonder how the couple even managed to enjoy their first night together? Even as a guest, I was exhausted. Chai!

In 2018 when you are attending a wedding, kindly remember to pack bedsheets, pillows, mosquito coil and mat. Just in case.

4.  Outrageous pre-wedding Photoshoots

It looks like every time we see pre-wedding shoots, they get more and more ridiculous.

I know you have seen some. Unless you were just born today. But get ready. You have not seen anything yet! We can confidently predict, with 95% degree of certainty, that in 2018, people will get hurt , attempting to perform stunts all in the name of pre-wedding pics.


5. Wedding vendors are going to make more money than ever before!

Couples are becoming increasingly sophisticated when it comes to wedding tastes and styles. From exchanging vows at exotics hotels, to having multiple photography companies covering a single wedding, the events industry is in for a jolly ride!

Well guess what? We are here to make sure that you are not left out. If you are a vendor, Ayefro Inc will connect you to clients looking for goods and services for their weddings and other occasions. If you are a client looking for vendors, relax. We have got it sorted!


So, this sums up our top 5 predictions for 2018.

Do you agree? What are YOUR predictions? Whatever your opinion, join the discussion. Download the Ayefro Inc app, which is the best wedding and event planning app, to receive all new posts, and join other event lovers to talk about the event’s industry.

Happy Planning in 2018.

Team Ayefro.

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