5 Steps to Pulling Off a Beautiful yet Affordable Wedding Ceremony!

The thought of financing a wedding ceremony when courting, should not push you to postpone the date.  There are several ways to cut down on the cost of wedding ceremonies especially if you are a young couple.

Here are the five steps which helped me and my husband (beloved then) to pull off a simple but memorable wedding ceremony:

  1. Plan – This step cannot be over-emphasised. Immediately you decide to organize a wedding, invest in a note-pad and a pen where you can put all your ideas. Once in a week, about six months to the event, have a meeting with your would-be spouse and brainstorm. I had more time on my hands back then so I did the research and shared the ‘chores’ of finding what with my beloved. Through the planning process, you could decide on the aspect of the wedding that you would like to spend more money on. The planning stage also includes drawing up a budget and discussing where these resources are going to come from. Please do not include the money that your family and friends have promised you in your budget. This is just for your own good. Decide on who takes what, being the more creative one, I chose to design the stationery we used for the wedding. There are several ways to raise the money for ceremony including speaking to family and friends who may decide to take some of the costs but that may not always be the case. Find your own means of raising the money to finance the ceremony (I’d share my tips in subsequent posts).


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  1. Research – This is not meant for academic purposes alone. To plan a beautiful wedding requires research and one of the most important resources is the social media platform, PINTEREST. There are several articles and photos on different subjects on this site including the different ways of pulling off affordable yet beautiful wedding ceremonies. It also provides DIY tips, hairstyles, wedding gown choices, wedding colour ideas and how to combine them as well as what to spend your money on. This platform allows you to create boards and save ideas for future references. Do not limit yourself to Instagram and Facebook, explore further and challenge the vendors you finally decide to work with.


  1. Explore – When you finally decide on your budget and come up with ideas of what you want, begin to look for vendors. Thankfully, the Ayefro Inc App can help you select the vendors who could work with the budget you have. Remember to stick to your budget. If a vendor is not flexible, walk away and continue your exploration. I was doing my research when I found the lady who designed our wedding stationery. She was a start-up and was having an early bird discount. Which couple would not like a discount at that point in their lives? I called her and discovered she was not only a pleasant woman but was willing to work with our ‘small’ budget and very creative. I fell in love with her immediately because she could withstand my pressure. If I had not explored, I would not have met her.


  1. Be Firm – One of the biggest fears of any couple going to the altar is the kind of perception people would take away from their wedding ceremonies. The fear of the décor, food or dresses not being nice make us select the ‘big’ vendors who may not be willing to work with our ‘small’ budgets. These fears are legitimate but quite trivial. Do not try to please anybody with the kind of ceremony you decide to pay for. The wedding ceremony would surely define your marriage if you start off with debts. If the resources are available, flaunt it, have a luxurious wedding ceremony but if not, be firm on your decisions. Cut down on the number of guests. Go with affordable vendors who may not be big and desire to bring them businesses when they give you good services.


  1. Be Creative – This is my favourite part – be creative. You attended someone’s wedding and saw their cake and you want the exact thing without considering the cost. Your best friend wore a Vera Wang gown which costs $2000 dollars which you know you cannot afford but you still want. Is it the buffet that you saw during the last wedding you attended which is haunting you? Madam, Sir, why? Stop postponing your wedding ceremony over these things. Be original. Let your wedding ceremony tell people about who you are as a couple. Come up with your own ideas and cut down on cost and stop those things! (In Counselor Lutterodt’s voice)


Happy Planning!


This post was written by Delali Kumapley-Sogah. Delali loves to write and is the manager of the Christian Blog Ghana.

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