What you would want to know when choosing your wedding caterer

Food – everybody loves it!

And considering the fact that the food is one of the things that most of your guests are going to be reporting on in the short term after your wedding, you would want to be very careful with the choices you make with respect to the one who would be providing food on the day. Here are a few things you could consider when picking your caterer – and even after you’ve made that choice.

#1: Figure out your budget

Your budget – we’ve said it a thousand times.

Everything that involves money – however insignificant it may be – should reflect on your budget.

Since quite a chunk of your wedding expenses is going into your food, it’s highly recommended that you settle on how much you’re willing to spend before you start to contact any caterers. Knowing how much you want to expend on food early enough not only makes it easier for you to know the companies you can afford to hire, but also gives those companies enough room to cater their proposal to your needs – and your pocket, of course. In addition, try to find out if your caterer has discount packages – they can save you some serious money.

budget for food

Experts also advise that you find out from your caterer if there are any charges aside that for the meals. These could be tips for the serving crew or a security deposit, for instance. These all influence your final figure so it’s better you’re well-informed ahead of time so you can plan for them.

#2: Pay attention to their communication

For obvious reasons, you should be concerned about the amount of money you’ll spend and the quality of food you’ll be serving your guests with. But you should also be very particular about the way your catering company deals with you from the first call till the day of the event – it’s a reflection of how they’re going to handle things on your wedding day. If, right from scratch, they have a quick response rate, pay attention to detail and show personal interest in your event, you have relatively little to worry about. However, if they fail to impress you with the way they treat you, you should consider crossing them off your list.

server communication

#3: Read reviews

After you narrow down your proposed caterers to a smaller number, what you can look out for while trying to make a final decision are reviews from previous clients, either online or in magazines and journals. Of course, they aren’t always authentic. Good caterers could have a few haters who skew their ratings. On the other hand, not-so-good caterers can assemble all their friends and family to give positive feedback to boost their ratings. It’s therefore a good idea to track down some of the past clients personally and reach out to them. If you happen to know friends and family who have used their services before, it’s all the better. You can make some enquiries from them too.

Now, allow me to let you in on a little secret. Team Ayefro has developed a robust feedback system to keep as many haters and illegal lovers away from giving reviews. Only clients who award contracts via the app are allowed to rate the vendors. So there’s a very high likelihood that whatever remark or rating you’re seeing under a service provider’s profile is the real deal.

#4: Find out whether your caterer will provide a waitstaff

Before the due date, confirm whether your catering service is bringing along a serving crew.

There are two main reasons you would want to know this.

Firstly, as established earlier, a serving crew may come with extra cost. In your best of interests, you would want to know beforehand so you can make provisions for that.

Also, you would want to know about a serving crew (or the absence of one) so that if you need to make any backup arrangements, you can do so in good time.

In actuality, many catering services prefer to use their own serving personnel because they trust their ability to provide seamless service – but better safe than sorry, right?


#5: Be sure if the caterer is working any other big event on the same day

It doesn’t have to be a deal-breaker, really. If the catering company is well-established, it should be able to ensure that both your wedding and the other event get the staff and attention they deserve.

Also, knowledge of that can help you work with the caterer who will be overseeing meal service on the day early enough. That way, you can adequately communicate your needs to the person throughout the planning process and rest assured that everything will go smoothly on the day of the wedding.

The Ayefro Inc app gives you a very wide range of caterers to choose from. Download it here.

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And tell a friend to tell a friend to tell another friend.

Happy planning!

Team Ayefro.


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