The Biggest Event Fair is here! 21st September, 2017

Are you planning an event?
Are you getting married soon?
Do you know anyone getting married soon?
Do you provide event services such as #Decor, #Makeup, #Bridal #Gowns and attire, #Catering, #Cakes, #Music, #MC, #Ushers, #Bouncers, #Cleaners, #Bachelorettes, #Photography, #Natural #juices, #Wedding #venues, #Car #rentals, #Hampers, #Honeymoon locations, #Rentals,
We are excited to present to you the biggest event fair the nation has ever witnessed.
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There is limited space for decor vendors indoors. Book your place now.
There is a lot of space for food and drink vendors.
Please note that the venue for the Ayefro Inc Fair is Wanshi Event Centre, Asylum Down, close to Highgate Hotel.
Please find below the new rates therefore.
Indoor dome, ground floor – 9 square meters = 2,000 GHS
Indoor dome, top floor 9 square meters = 1,500 GHS
Limited outdoor space for food and drink vendors – 4 square meters = 500 GHS
Limited outdoor space for exhibitions – 9 square meters = 1000 GHS
Contact us for any business related inquiries.
Tips on how to maximize the event coming soon.
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Team Ayefro
#ayefroincfair #biggesteventfair

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Vick says:

    Will love to be there,
    It’s such a shame that the fair is on Thursday…


    1. ayefroinc says:

      It’s a holiday


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