Ways to Include Guests Who Can’t Attend Your Wedding

Perhaps, it was because you were working on a strict budget and decided on an intimate ceremony. Or, on the other hand, you could have invited them all right, but very unfortunately, they had another commitment on the same day. Either way, they’re not able to make it to your special day and they’re so devastated – talk about disappointment!

Well, they may not be there in person – but that doesn’t mean they can’t be a part of your special day. Sure, their gifts may arrive, one way or another. Nonetheless, there’s more that can be done so they can keep with the flow of the event, especially on the day itself.

#1: Do a live stream of the ceremony


The great thing about this is that technology makes it easier and more convenient by the day. A lot of social media platforms have been updated so users can do a live stream. If your guests are tech savvy, you can set up a live stream so they can view everything in real time. This way, they can, to an extent, follow the events from wherever they are. Your videographer should be able to help you set this up.

#2: Create a platform for them to call in during the ceremony

You may be familiar with the way there are programs on tv or on the radio and people get to call in and send messages on a particular subject matter. The concept is the same here – but with a different setting. You could create a slot of about 15 minutes in the reception so you could read out wishes and kind words and also pick calls especially from guests who could not attend. If, for some reason, the guest would be occupied at the time, he can record an audio message beforehand so it’s played later. If you manage to pull this off sneakily enough, it’s also a nice way to surprise your spouse.

#3: Record your wedding and have a viewing party

A wedding viewing party is one of the great ways to include guests who can’t attend your wedding in person. And it’s more fun and exciting when your wedding is far away from where most of your friends and family are, as it’s likely most of them were unable to make it due to geographical distance.

Talk to your videographer to make sure your wedding video is edited and ready in time. Then gather all your friends and family that couldn’t attend your wedding and supply plenty of food and drink. It’s a wonderful opportunity for your loved ones to celebrate your special day with you and toast to your new life together. To them, it might be just as good as the wedding itself!

#4: Create a Wedding Hashtag


Get an exclusive hashtag for your wedding and make sure your guests are aware of it. Encourage them to post photos and videos from the day on social media. You can read more about guests’ photos and hashtags from [insert article about ways to make your wedding reception exciting] Those who are unable to attend can follow the hashtag and feel like they’re celebrating along with you.

#5: Send them a favour


For whatever reason they couldn’t be at your wedding in person, they’ll be delighted to know that you thought of them anyway. Surprise them with something small like a keychain, a branded handkerchief or even a slice of cake as a memory of the day.

So now, we believe you’ve learnt something new – your loved ones don’t have to be physically present at a wedding to be a part of it!

And don’t forget to download the Ayefro Inc app. Who knows? We just might find a way to make your absentee guests even more involved in your special day.

Happy planning!

Team Ayefro.



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