Awkward Wedding Moments – And How to Handle Them

You may not have had your wedding yet, but if you’ve been to a number of them, you know for a fact that certain things happen that the couple definitely didn’t plan for. In a few cases, they might have anticipated it. But no one actually hopes for such stuff to happen. You always want to believe that your wedding will go smoothly and glitch-free. And we at Ayefro Inc. hope along with you. But we want to give you a few things to be prepared for – just in case.

#1: Uninvited guests show up on the day

You have a strict budget and because of that, you are working with a guest list. You even made your guests RSVP so you could be sure of the exact number to expect. Nonetheless, you made provisions for a slight excess. Not that you’d need it anyways. But the day comes and you’re seeing quite a number of faces you know you didn’t plan for. Your university roommate brings her new boyfriend and your little sister just had to bring her entire squad of friends – and it’s not like they even know you personally. And it’s on that day you find out that your parents took the liberty of inviting their friends and neighbours without mentioning it to you.

So, what do you do?

Truth be told, there’s little you can do at the moment. Well, you could get them sacked if you want to, but it’s not advisable. Your wedding day is the last day you want to make a scene. Be tactful and let a member of your protocol team try to find a way to accommodate the additional guests. Just go on and enjoy your day.


#2: Not inviting all your friends to your wedding – and breaking the news to the unlucky ones

Still on the guest list – someone has to break the news to the ones who don’t make the cut. It used to be easier to keep the ceremony low-key. But it’s become more difficult to hide with more social platforms and the evolution of invites from hardcopies to softcopies. For those you’re not particularly close to, it’s easier to just ignore them. However, you may not be able to accommodate even those who are in relatively closer circles.

So, what do you do?

Firstly, it helps to assess your relationship with them. You’ll soon realise that filtering some of them is not as difficult as you expected it to be as they are probably not too close to you. For those who are closer, you may actually have to inform them. Try to explain to them why you didn’t include them – whether it’s due to budget constraints or because you’re trying to keep things as intimate as possible. They would appreciate that better and are less likely to harbour hard feelings. With the few that do, just give it time – it will cool off eventually.

#3: Your flower girl refuses to walk down the aisle

You envisaged a cute girl in a lovely white dress and white shoes walking down the aisle while scattering pretty pink petals. But your cute flower girl sees ice cream just at the entrance of the chapel and decides that this is the best time she can display her crying skills. Everyone is trying to calm her down but she wouldn’t hear of it.

So, what do you do?

Clearly, you can say goodbye to your visions of the entrance of the adorable little girl. Don’t force her to walk down the aisle. Just let the ceremony commence on without her. Make sure there’s an adult to supervise her and to bring her in when she’s ready.

Flower girl

#4: The maid of honour or best man mentions an ex in a speech

Oops ☹

It could be because he or she wanted to create humour. Or probably it was purely by accident. Either way, it’s not good news. And the unfortunate thing is that most of the people present at the wedding know the ex in question. As a matter of fact, the person may actually be at the ceremony. Now everybody is staring at you and you can literally feel your cheeks and ears get hot.

So, what do you do?

Definitely, all eyes will be on you, counting on your reaction. And you’re probably burning inside. But don’t let your face betray any emotions. You can deal with your MoH or best man later – very tactfully. At the moment, just laugh and smile. You could give a reassuring squeeze to your spouse’s hand so he can also lighten up.


#5: A lot of your guests are drunk

You set an open bar at your reception, and clearly your friends are taking advantage of that. Quite a number of them are drunk and they’re having way too much fun on the dance floor – with full glasses in their hands. And some of them are gradually nearing the microphones. On the other hand, the older ones consumed so much beer that you can literally smell the stench when they speak. And they aren’t sitting still either.

So, what do you do?

Needless to say, none of these overexcited people should, under any circumstances, be let anywhere near a microphone. It’s advisable to get a team member to keep an eye on them so he can discreetly get them off the dance floor if they’re getting too excited. He can use desserts or other activities to distract them – anywhere else that isn’t too central to the event. As much as possible, try to get a few people in charge of transportation so that no one driving leaves the premises drunk.

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Happy planning!

Team Ayefro.





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