Some great ways you can cut costs on your wedding



We all love a beautiful wedding, don’t we?

Yet when we hear people mention how much they spend on their weddings, we can’t help but gasp.

And it gets scarier because you know that, by kind courtesy of inflation, they’re going to be even more expensive by the time your targeted two years are up. That’s when you begin to calculate how much you have to save per month to be able to reach that target amount.


But it doesn’t have to be that expensive, really. We’ll look at some ways you can save money on your wedding day.

#1: Cut the guest list

In simple terms, the fewer the guests, the less expensive your wedding will be. You may not realize it, but you’re possibly spending quite an amount per person. After all, you’re paying for each person’s meal, seat, place setting, among others. You also have to get fewer tables and fewer centrepieces as the number of guests reduces. And fewer guests means you can hire a smaller place which would typically cost less. So even cutting 10 guests from your list can make a huge difference.

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#2: Choose a simple cake

Obviously, the more labour-intensive your cake is, the more expensive it will be. It’s possible to get something relatively simpler cake for display. In addition, you make arrangements with your baker to prepare a sheet cake to serve to your guests. That’ll be relatively cheaper than covering your entire cake in icing.

#3: Don’t feel obliged to use a wedding cake

The cake is symbolic. There’s no obligation to use an actual cake. Apparently, your guests just want a nice dessert. Once you have something that can serve that purpose, you’re good to go. As a matter of fact, it creates a sense of uniqueness we’re not used to seeing. Here’s a testimony of one such person who didn’t follow the status quo.

“We decided to have a milk-and-cookie bar at our December wedding! As opposed to serving cake to our 250 guests at $2.50 a slice, we bought 300 cookies (chocolate chip, sugar, etc.) from the bakery at a local grocery store and then had drink dispensers filled with white and chocolate milk. My husband and I then cut a cupcake for our cake cutting. It was a huge hit and cost half the price!” —Clare Bogle

#4: Reuse floral arrangements

With respect to decoration, you can consider reusing the bouquets as centrepieces for the reception. It applies to all other decorative items – instead of getting two sets for the wedding venue and the reception, get your protocol team to sneak the items from one end to the other while the photos are being taken.

Other small ways you can cut cost on decorations is by getting bigger tables so you need fewer centrepieces and tablecloths. You could also include non-floral pieces, like seashells, which would be less expensive. If you’re going for natural flowers, you’re advised to get flowers in season.

#5: Hold your ceremony and reception in one spot

When you hold your wedding ceremony and reception at the same place, you cut the travel time for vendors which they have most likely incorporated into their cost. The cost that comes with transporting the bridal party is also reduced.

That aside, there’s the possibility that the expenses that come with hiring the place is reduced.

You could also hold the reception at a restaurant. So instead of hiring a space, getting silverware and dishes, paying for decoration and paying for food separately, just get a fancy restaurant whose food you like and make arrangements with them.

beautiful beautiful

#6: Choose a venue that doesn’t need much décor

Decorations are fast becoming a very huge expense with respect to weddings. When looking out for a place for your wedding and/or reception, consider places that are already attractive in appearance. With that, you don’t spend too much on decorations.

#7: Do a cocktail reception

Instead of a full, sit-down reception, where you serve proper meals, you can consider doing a smaller ceremony. You can have them serve hors d’oeuvres as an alternative. It’ll slash the expenses drastically.


#8: Get items second-hand

You could get some items at a cheaper price if they’re second-hand. Try to speak to friends and family that are already married to see if you can get some of their items that are still presentable. Also, you could get some of the items from a second-hand shop.

#9: Sell what you can after the wedding

Some things you use during the wedding don’t really serve much purpose afterwards. And they don’t really fit into the keepsake category either. You can resell them on an online site so you use the money you raise to defray some of your costs.

#10: Use the Ayefro Inc. app

Download the Ayefro Inc. app to help you plan your wedding more efficiently. It eliminates most of the costs that come with moving around making arrangements with vendors for your big day. Everything can be done over the application. The cost that comes with the numerous trials and errors with vendors before you find the one is also dealt away with.

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So there you have it. Sometimes, it’s really the little things that we miss that blow up our expenses. Why don’t you share these secrets with a loved one?

Happy planning!

Team Ayefro

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