The Ayefro Inc. App is for everyone – including you!

Baking has always been Stella’s passion. Fortunately, she managed to put some money together to go to catering school. And she didn’t regret her decision a bit – the course intensified her enthusiasm to be a professional baker. Hopefully, in some years to come, she would be well-known across the country and beyond. In some years to come. But for now, she has quite a long way to go. Apparently, not even her next door neighbour is aware that she’s a baker. His daughter’s birthday party was over the weekend and he went all the way across town to place an order for a birthday cake.

Michael is the owner of Perspectives, a company with many subsidiaries – photography and video coverage, ushering services for events, a wedding boutique, a cosmetic shop and many others. The photography wing of his chain of business is doing very well. Unfortunately, everyone who hears Perspectives thinks photography. Most people are not familiar with the other wings, causing them to suffer woefully. He wishes that they could all grow at a relatively uniform rate.

Francis and his wife have had a fabric shop for the past ten years. They sell any kind of fabric you can think of – laces, kente, chiffon, satin, silks, cotton print, polished cotton and even others you haven’t heard of. And they go the extra mile to request for some on the behalf of customers when they do not have it in stock. Of course, you’ll have to pay in advance. Naana, Francis’ wife, is a fashion designer by profession so she offers free advice on what fabrics are better suited for certain dresses. She also offers special discounts for those who buy the fabrics from her and sew there as well. In general, their business is doing well. But given a way to reach even more customers, they would gladly accept it. Besides, they know that customers would be thrilled to know of offers as great as theirs.

Wow, you say. Are these all true, you wonder.

Well no, they aren’t. The stories are purely fictional.

I know you badly want to say “Ah!” But hold that thought.

You’ve got to admit that the scenarios are very relatable. As a matter of fact, I suspect that you were nodding along in agreement because you either know someone who fits the description or the cap fits you pretty well.

The good news is that, the Ayefro Inc. app is designed for you, no matter what stage your business is at. And I’m going to go right ahead to tell you how.

You’re now starting up? The way we have you at heart, you have no idea.

You know the way when you’re starting a business, you’re generally expected to make some losses in the first few years? There’s actually statistics to back that. As a matter of fact, they show that 50 percent of start-up businesses fail in the first five years.

See, here’s the thing. From the small economics I remember, there are fixed costs and variable costs. The fixed costs are relatively stable, irrespective of your production levels. Things like your rent, publicity and utility fees could fall under that category. In effect, for the first few months of business that you make little or no returns, the owner of the store you’re using will still come for his rent. You’ll definitely have to pay the bills. And in a bid to sell yourself out, you’ve already spent a substantial amount of money designing fliers and posters which you had to go distribute in the hot sun. And I’m willing to bet people didn’t give them so much as a glance – they just folded them and put them in their bags and purses.

So where do we come in?

We’re very conscious of the expenses and stress that comes with starting a new business. So we want to minimize it as much as within our power. When you successfully download the app and create your profile, you automatically expose yourself to an ever-growing network of people without stepping out of your room. You can even hold on with the renting of a physical place until you’re more financially stable. Already, you’ve dealt with about three costs. And did I mention that the app is totally free?

Sure beats standing in the sun to distribute fliers, doesn’t it?

You’re relatively older but you’re experiencing uneven growth? Come to us!

That’s what your profile is there for. It’s all for you to use to your satisfaction. You have the opportunity to list all the services you provide. And you get to upload as many pictures as you like to illustrate the various services. Ayefro Inc. will neatly sort them under the various categories on the home page for you.

So going back to our imaginary friend, Michael. He downloaded the app yesterday and he called me this morning with so much excitement in his voice. A couple just signed up for a honeymoon package at his spa via the app!

Of course, this all happened in my mind. But it could truly be your story. It’s about time your other wings got to shine too.

WhatsApp Image 2017-06-23 at 9.53.42 AM

Your business is flourishing? There’s always room for more.

Everybody loves more returns. You can never have too much, especially when the extra much is coming at practically no cost. Download the Ayefro Inc. today and broaden your scope even further. There are so many people out there who want to benefit from your services and the great deals you’re offering. And I’m pretty sure other people in your field who want to know your secrets of success. So we’ve created a forum for you to reach out to others.

WhatsApp Image 2017-06-23 at 9.53.49 AM

The forum is a platform for all users of the app to interact – vendors and clients. But that’s all part of a bigger picture. The app undergoes continuous improvement to suit you better and satisfy more of your needs. And the network keeps expanding with every passing day.

Join the wonderful team Ayefro. Download the application now.

And be a part of our success story by giving us feedback on how we can make it better.

WhatsApp Image 2017-06-23 at 9.53.50 AM

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