Are you a photographer? You just can’t let this pass you by!


Many people think all there is to photography is holding a camera and hitting the snap button multiple times. But it’s far from that – very far. Photography is an art, a skill and there is much more to it than what meets the eye, especially at the professional level. At least, that’s what the experts say. The only camera I’ve personally owned was a very light, penguin-shaped one called Pingo. Those were the days when cameras used film and you had to look through the peephole to get a preview. I was about six years then and angles, lighting and colour saturation meant nothing to me.

But enough about me – let’s go back to the experts. An informal forum brought to light that many professional photographers felt their services weren’t given the needed respect. Most people who contacted them either set very unrealistic budgets or neglected the photography and video coverage till the very end. So what eventually happened was that they didn’t have enough money to cover their expenses.

It appears that with the evolution of technology, the ordinary person expects professional photography to be as cheap and basic as opening the camera application on a smartphone and hitting the middle button. It’s very easy to overlook the cost of the tools and materials. Please don’t blame us (the clients). Because it’s not our field, we can only estimate, no matter how unrealistic it may be. It’s up to you to have the patience to explain in detail why the cost is as it is.

But that’s just one side of it.

Today, I bear glad tidings. Ayefro Inc. comes your way with a fantastic mobile application.

And how is this to your advantage, you ask?



#1: You can be found more easily than the average photographer who doesn’t have the app

You probably already have a Facebook page and Instagram page with thousands of followers. So does everyone else. And don’t be fooled by the hype – people follow pages because they’re interested in the subject matter, not necessarily because they have a particular attachment to your brand.

What am I saying? A large proportion of the people who have liked your Facebook page and follow you on Instagram have done the same for many other photographers.

Be one step ahead by creating a profile on the Ayefro Inc. app. And within the app, you can be spotted even more easily with a catchy, expressive logo and a captivating name. Your contact information is available on your profile for customers to reach you. And if you offer other services, you can advertise them too.



#2: Potential customers can view your work in the comfort of their rooms

Your potential clients no longer have to take the risk of just waiting for the D-day and hope the photos and videos come out well.

The app comes with a gallery that gives you the opportunity to upload as many pictures as you want to. And we have worked very hard on it to make sure your pictures come out exactly as you upload them.

Here’s our personal tip for you: the more often you upload pictures in your gallery, the more often your profile stays ahead in your category. And the more likely it is for customers to see you when they open their app. So it’s advisable to upload one a day, so you don’t run out of your best pictures.



#3: Customers know you’re not the one being difficult

There’s a function on the app – the “Add event” option. It gives customers the opportunity to set their budget on the individual services they need.

Those service providers receive notifications and also have the chance to make a counter offer or accept what the client has offered.

There is the likelihood that photographers would be giving similar prices. It would help put across the message that photography services average a certain figure higher than they expected. Then they can sit down, set a new budget and look at it properly.

Keep in mind that the price isn’t the only factor that influences clients to choose a certain photographer. Your ability to sell yourself also has a lot to do with it. That’s why it’s very important to keep your gallery stocked with your best photographs. This helps to boost their confidence in you even before they meet you.

You also get to meet and interact with other photographers, event lovers, and clients in the forums. You can educate your potential clients, and enhance your brand image and awareness.



#4: Customers get to rate you

If you’re great at your job, this is excellent news. After customers use your services, they get to rate you.

And don’t worry about your haters. The app is designed in a way that customers can only give reviews for services that they award contracts for on the application.

So the rest is up to you. Deliver excellent services. Arrive on time. Be professional on the job. Get the photos and/or videos to your client on time. Of course, they should be superb. And give your client a gentle reminder to give you an excellent review.

If you keep that up, all other things being equal, more potential customers have confidence in your services.

Like what you see? Download the ayefro inc app now.

And don’t forget to tell a photographer friend or colleague.







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