How to start a profitable cake business using the Ayefro Inc mobile app



In a world where there is so much competition, business owners and entrepreneurs cannot just rely on hard work and luck to establish their businesses and drive sales! Whatever you do, someone can possibly do better.

So what smart decisions can you take today, after you have gone to training school, spent hours on end learning theory, and perfecting the skills you acquired in cake baking and cake design?

How are you even going to get your first client? Well you could do the traditional thing most people have done in the past, which no longer works.

  1. Rent a small shopping space for about 100 to 1500 USD a month.
  2. Design a banner, signboard, or other stationary form of brand identification at your shop for about 100 to 200 USD.
  3. Hire Shop attendants and pay them at least minimum wage.
  4. Pay electricity bill
  5. Pay security
  6. Pay for posters, fliers, etc
  7. Pay for distribution of posters, fliers, etc
  8. Hope that people will come and find you in the small corner of Accra, Lagos, Cotonou, Ibadan, Pretoria, etc, where your shop is.
  9. Create a Facebook page for your business and invite your 400 friends to come and like the page. (In the end only 25 like the page and you get really hurt, emotional, and decide to remove them from your friends’ list)



You could do business in a smart way! It is a well known fact that nobody buys cassava at a carpentry shop! People go where they know they would find what they are looking for. If finding your business is a laborious, time wasting task, they would simply move on to other competitors.

The new, efficient way of doing business is e-commerce. People spend more time on their mobile phones nowadays than they spend doing any other thing. This is a fact. It is not evil, it is the natural progression of things. The old brick and mortar system is fading away. Fast.

To keep up in this new world of technology, you need to make some smart decisions. Don’t worry if you do not know where to start from. That is why we are here. We are here to move you from the point of not knowing what to do, to making sales, from the comfort of your home, at low-budget costs.


  1. Develop a logo to creatively represent your brand. A logo is a unique identity. It should be simple, classy, and representative of the services you offer, in this case, cakes. Below, you can find the logo of BAKE INN company, owned by Naa Sackey on the Ayefro Inc mobile App. The logo is so beautiful, simple, and at first sight, gives you the impression of baking. This is excellent branding. When you have a catchy logo, it makes you stand out from the crowd!


2. Select the services you provide on the Ayefro Inc mobile app, in this case, cake.

3. Add pictures of your best cakes you’ve baked to your gallery.

4. Complete your profile by providing your location.

5. Ensure that your brand is known for excellence. Always deliver on time, and go the extra mile for the client.

The Ayefro Inc mobile app is helping many budding, hardworking entrepreneurs to find jobs, in the comfort of their homes. No need to pay rent, electricity and other bills. The Ayefro Inc mobile app is helping people to build their brands. It is Fun, Fast and Reliable.


Consider the story of Christiana Amoah

Christiana just completed cake design school few months before the Ayefro Inc mobile app was launched. She quickly realized the difficulty in finding clients on your own or by just creating and promoting a Facbook page.

She saw the opportunities that the Ayefro Inc mobile app had to offer and quickly jumped on-board, for FREE. She set up her profile as a cake vendor on the app and shortly after, she had a contract for a cake for a client’s birthday. She delivered and she was given a 5-star rating by the client for exceptional customer service and delivery.


How Naa Sackey is building her brand by leveraging on the power of the Ayefro Inc mobile app

Naa Sackey’s Bake Inn is a great baking company, if you are looking for cakes for your next event. We have personally tasted their cake and we highly recommend them. You don’t have to wait for an event to buy cake. Everyone loves cake. Surprise someone with a cake today.

Find Bake Inn and many other excellent cake vendors on the Ayefro Inc mobile app. Download the Ayefro Inc mobile app here.


Happy Planning!

Team Ayefro.



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