Good news! Ayefro Inc mobile app has a new update. You are going to love it!

The world’s best event planning app, Ayefro Inc mobile app, just got even better. In less than one month after launch, the app has been downloaded and used in eight (8) countries. There is so much variety in terms of services provided on the app. Violinists, Decor companies, Spa and beauty treatments, Wedding gowns, natural juices (Sobolo, Asana, Carrot juice, Pineapple, Ginger, etc), Cakes, Cleaners, Waiters, Ushers, Event planners, Sound systems and DJs, Photographers, etc.

The range of services keep growing!

Release 1.3

We are excited to inform you that Ayefro Inc, is now your life events’ partner. And by this, we mean that we are helping you in every phase of your life. Not just you, but everyone in your life!

Bachelorette Party? Check.
Traditional Wedding? Check.
Honeymoon Locations? Check.

Then you got pregnant.

Maternity Dresses? Check.
Baby Shower? Check.

Birthday Party? Check.
Graduation Party? Check.

After School party? Check.
Old School’s Reunion? Check.


We recognize that everyday is an event, Therefore, whatever you need for your daily events, you can find on the new and improved Ayefro Inc mobile app. You can even order lunch from the Ayefro Inc mobile app! Isn’t that awesome? You can book catering services for your organisation through the Ayefro Inc mobile app as well.

So what are some of the new features on the new and improved Ayefro Inc mobile app?

  1. It is easier to find the specific service that you are looking for, through the categorization of services and service providers.
  2. It is easier to find the things which matter to you the most on the app.
  3. We have added video tutorials to the app to give you 24/7 walkthroughs on how to use the app.
  4. We have added Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to help you with any question you might have, whilst using the app.
  5. We have added an easy way to contact our client engagement department. We remain committed to delivering excellence to all our cherished users.
  6. It is now easier to add pictures, pictures, and more pictures. There are over 10,000 gorgeous pictures supplied by the community of vendors on the Ayefro Inc mobile app. You will be so inspired.
  7. We have made it easier to find jobs on the Ayefro Inc mobile app. Just download, create a FREE service provider account, select the services you provide, add your best work to your gallery, and voila! Your brand is on its way to prominence, without even having or needing a physical storefront.
  8. It is now so much fun creating events, selecting from all applications from service providers, comparing service providers based on PRICE, QUALITY OF WORK, RATINGS and REVIEWS and their LOCATION.
  9. The app is growing exponentially, daily. This is because people are excited at the opportunities it provides. Our app is light, does not waste your data, is FREE, and does not display annoying, unwanted ads which kill battery life and drain data! People are sharing the app to their WhatsApp groups, Facebook groups, Twitter feeds, etc.
  10. The Ayefro Inc mobile app blog, the best events blog in the world, just got an overdose of excellence! Relevant articles for you, written specifically for you, based on meticulous insightful study of our audience, are updated all the time, to help you increase your client base, save cost on your next event, connect to the right service providers, get you on your way to having a lovely wedding, company launch, etc.


Enjoy some of the pictures from our app below.

Thank you for choosing Ayefro Inc.

Download the new and improved Ayefro Inc mobile app from here.

Team Ayefro.


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