Here are some fantastic ideas for your wedding leftovers

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After the wedding, chances are that you’ll be left with a load of souvenirs that you didn’t give out. And in the past few months, you’ve accumulated heaps of accessories from all the planning. There just might be some food left, though I wouldn’t count on it too much. So what do you do after all the thank-you’s have been said and it’s cleaning time?

 #1: Give Them Out

One of the ways you can handle used items is to give them out to charity. In the unlikely event that there would be untouched leftover food, you could get a nearby orphanage. Speak to your caterer to see if any arrangements can be made for the food to neatly packed and given out. Even snacks can be packed in cute boxes and sent out to guests as favours. There are also other causes out there that would appreciate used wedding items. It does not necessarily have to be an institution but simply another bride that could find some of your items coming in handy. You should do well to ask before giving them out because not everyone is keen on leftovers. And you could also suggest that she passes it on to another bride when she’s done with it.

#2: Sell Them

The wedding marketplace is a huge place now with many brides wanting to buy items for less money. You can list them on a selling site online so other brides can get stuff within their budget if they can’t afford new ones. Alternatively, you can swap items that you don’t want for others. There are some sites that are created purposely for that.

#3: Re-Purpose Them

After the wedding, there are a lot of items you could end up finding a new purpose for in your house. You could use turn mason jars into lanterns or use leftover vases to hold flowers in your home. You could even keep some of the ornaments for other events you organize in future. You could also make mini gift tags out of your extra invitations by simply cutting out the motifs or monograms.

#4: Make Them Your Keepsakes

You also get to keep some of your stuff if you want to, so long as you have enough storage space available. If you want to keep the things because they hold special meaning to you, do just that – there’s no rule against it.  Thinking of a way to capture the wedding memories could be another fun project. For instance, you could use your bouquet to make a dried flower pendant. And you might also want to keep an invitation card to always remind you two of one of the most significant days of your life.

#5: The Wedding Dress

A number of brides would want to keep their gowns after the wedding perhaps for their daughters in future, or just as a souvenir. But in the case where you don’t really see the need to keep it, you can speak to your bridal service provider to help you sell it or rent it out. Alternatively, with the help of a seamstress, you can get it altered into a beautiful cocktail dress you can wear out any day.


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Happy Planning!

Team Ayefro

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