Why you should avoid apps which contain ads!


You download a new app you are excited to try out. You patiently wait for it to install, you launch it and all of a sudden, BAM!

Some big advert starts playing. Not just a picture advert, a video advert of some other app you are not interested in. Worse of all, you were in the office, pretending to work, then the video comes with some loud shooting noises and battle sounds. Your boss turns to look at you. Can you imagine this same scene if you were in a library?

Everyone hates ads. That is why we switch the station when it’s half time during football matches or basketball matches, or any other sport. That is the reason we tend to do other stuff during commercial breaks.

Ads have become too obtrusive! Especially ads displayed on mobile apps. Every thing you press results in an ad.

Ads kill your battery faster than listening to music. The reason for this is the fact that ads require data access to run. Some ads even follow you after you have left the app. So you before you met Ayefro Inc, you were using some other app for event planning. When you exit the app and want to even make a call, an ad from the app will follow you and prevent you from making your call! Come on! Who does that?

Ads drain you data faster than watching videos online. This is because ads are always running in the background. As we already stated, ads require internet connection to run. As they run continuously in the background, they are just draining your data, killing your battery, and causing your phone to overheat!

Some ads are very dangerous! Some ads lead to malicious phishing websites and even malware infested apps and sites. These may secretly be monitoring your accounts, retrieving your personal data, reading your messages and mails, copying your media files, etc.


Consider the recent ransomware attack which has affected over 150 countries, causing damages of over 1 billion USD. This ransomware was able to spread and cause this catastrophic damage because people failed to take their personal security seriously. Don’t click on ads. But how can you avoid this, if the ad all of a sudden appears just where you were going to click? Avoid apps which display ads.

Why we do not display ads on the Ayefro Inc mobile app

We also hate ads. They interfere with the simple routines of life. The Ayefro Inc mobile app was built to make life easier, not further complicate it. We care a lot about our user experience. We do not want to drain your battery, waste your data, force you to view adverts you are not interested in, or make cheap money from you by displaying ads which can lead to you, installing malicious apps or visiting suspicious websites.


Never use apps which display third-party ads.

The best apps in the world do not display ads.

We are one of the best apps in the world.

Download the Ayefro Inc mobile app here.

Share this post till the bad guys in society who are creating apps with annoying ads see it.

Happy Planning.

Team Ayefro.

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