Give Your Brightest Smile – It’s Your Wedding!

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You’ve finally gotten this fine lady to be your legally wedded wife. And you should be smiling your heart out. But for some reason, you just can’t get yourself to keep the smile on your face – not even when the photographs are being taken. Out of curiosity, guests may be wondering what’s going on in your head. And the bolder ones would dare to ask when they manage to get closer to you.

“Who has beaten you this morning?”

“Charley it’s too early to start missing single life. Did we tell you to marry?”

Hmmm! If only they knew.

That last month, your bride was so devastated because she’d put on three extra pounds and she was no longer fitting into the gown she’d looked so splendid in just the month before. You’d been dozing at work every day for the past thirty days because you’d had to wake up two hours earlier than usual each morning to pick her up for a morning jog.

That just last week, the caterer for your wedding lost her husband. So she had to leave the country on short notice without getting anyone to take over your event. Only God knows the strings you had to pull to make last-minute arrangements. And they came at an extra cost – straining your budget even further.

Or that of all days, the only day your nephew could play with the old ketchup bottle on the kitchen shelf was today.  And for half of this morning, everyone was frantically looking for a solution to the dark red stain in your new, white suit.

You don’t know what you’re saying. Try planning a wedding and you’ll see.

Mishaps during wedding planning are almost a certainty. Some of them, you’ll be able to manage. Some are simply out of your reach. But regardless of circumstances, nothing should succeed in stealing your joy. Hey, it’s your wedding day! You deserve that smile. Today, we present to you ways you can still smile in spite of all the stress-worthy occurrences.

#1: Have a contingency plan in place

Accidents happen, but not all of them should take you by surprise. There are some things you should be able to anticipate and prepare back-ups for, ahead of time. If you’re having your wedding in the rainy season, you know that there are higher chances of rain. So you can make arrangements with a tent rental company for them to supply in case of inclement weather. Your bride’s gown may be soiled at the last minute, so keep a nearby laundry service on speed-dial. Your tailor could disappoint, so keep a presentable back-up suit available. Of course, a number of these would require money. So be sure to make a substantial amount of money available as a cushion. And make your wedding timeline too, realistic, with room for error. That way, surprises would be kept to a minimum.

#2: Stay connected

The pressure of planning a wedding can very easily make you lose touch with your fiancée. So make it a point to make time for a romantic dinner, a movie or just a night in each other’s company once in a while. It’s an ideal moment to talk about anything but the wedding. In no time, you’ll unwind. To make it even easier to avoid things pertaining to wedding planning, you can consider a digital detox. Turn of the TV, laptop, tablet and mobile phone and just enjoy the tranquility of the atmosphere with the love of your life.


#3: Take very good care of yourself

To make it to the wedding, you need to be alive – and healthy. Make a deliberate effort to take good care of yourself. Eat healthy, balanced meals regularly – don’t skip! You need every bit of energy you can get. When you sense you’re getting tired, take time off to read a book, get into a warm bath or do any decompressing activity that comes to mind. Get a good night’s sleep. Don’t stay up for long hours to plan your wedding. Enough sleep will ensure that you glow in your wedding photos and have enough stamina to dance to your heart’s desire.

#4: Delegate!

Hey, you don’t have to do everything on your own! That’s what friends and family are for. Don’t be afraid to ask them to lend a hand with the preparations when your hands are too full. Get them to help with the rounds – picking up things, making certain decisions, giving directions – those kind of stuff. It’ll give you some time to rejuvenate and that would eventually reduce the chances of stress building up. Your friends won’t think you’re bossy. As a matter of fact, they’ll be thrilled that you asked them to be involved.

Also do well to get one person who knows just as much as the wedding as you and your fiancée do. This should most preferably be someone from your immediate family, probably a sister. That way, the person can help address some of the issues that come up along the way and you and your partner don’t always have to be the go-to person for every wedding question. You can also confidently hand over your phone to her on the day knowing she can handle everything just as well as you would have.

#5: Keep a journal

It’s a good idea to write down your feelings when you’re overwhelmed with too many emotions. It helps to clear your mind and released any bottled up emotions that can cause anxiety. Once you’re able to identify what exactly the problem is, you can look for a solution without feeling too much pressure. It’ll surprise you how composed you will be. And it’ll eventually reflect positively on how effectively you’re able to solve issues that come up.


And now, on your special day, you can look at the camera and give your brightest smile.

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Happy planning!

Team Ayefro.

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  1. Sampson says:

    It’s always a joy reading such useful tips on your app.
    Your write-ups are really topnotch.✌✌✌
    Eagerly waiting for your next post.


    1. ayefroinc says:

      Thank you for your encouraging feedback, Sampson.

      Happy Planning.

      Team Ayefro.


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