Nobody buys cassava at a carpentry shop!


“Nobody buys cassava at a carpentry shop! Neither do people buy plantain at a mechanic shop. If you want to prepare fufu (A local West African dish made by pounding cassava and plantain and sometimes yam or cocoyam) you go to the market and purchase what you require to prepare your fufu!”

“People go to places where they know that they would find what they are looking for.”

The powerful statements above, were made by the Founder of the Ayefro Inc mobile app, during the launch of the mobile app on 1st May, 2017 at the Holiday Inn in Accra, the capital of Ghana.

The Ayefro Inc Mobile app connects event vendors and their clients on one platform. It provides Fun, Fast and Reliable event planning on the go!


The objective of the launch was to create brand awareness for the mobile app, drive downloads, and to connect event service providers and clients together.
The event was attended by event vendors ranging from photographers, Decor companies, Music and live band companies, Catering companies, Wedding Planners, and Advertising companies.
There was a live demonstration of how the app solves 4 major challenges experienced in real life when it comes to the events industry;
1. Finding the right service providers for your events
2. Finding clients and increasing jobs for vendors
3. High price charged for services during weddings and other events
4. Clients not paying for services after events are over.
The app provides great inspiration to all who love events, are planning events, or just love reading. It contains lots of beautiful pictures provided by the vendor community and an award-winning blog updated weekly, with multiple inspiring, educational articles on tips for planning events, budgeting, etc.
The app is free to use by both clients and vendors, and does not contain any annoying ads.
In his closing remarks, during the launch of the Ayefro Inc mobile app, Pastor Kwamena Bello, the Chairman for the occasion, challenged the guests present, as well as the youth of Africa, to be restless, ruthless, and relentless in pursuing excellence in the spirit of entrepreneurship.
Ayefro Digital Solutions Ltd, the registered entity behind the Ayefro Inc mobile app made a bold statement to reach 1 million active users in the next 3 years. Ayefro Inc mobile app is currently on android only, but an iOS version is in development. The app is currently in use in 5 countries. Ghana, Nigeria, Benin and Ivory Coast.
Read more about Ayefro Inc. here.
You can download the Ayefro Inc mobile app from the Google play store here.

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