Avoid these mistakes when getting your wedding gown!

Ladies are very fussy about their wedding dresses – and for a good reason too! If you get to be the centre of attention for an entire day, you do all that’s within your power to look the best that you possibly can. And for a dress that you’d be hopefully wearing just once, it has to be just right. It should make a statement – and a big one at that!

Needless to say, for the above reasons, you’re very meticulous when purchasing your dress. No one would want to spend large sums of money on a dress only to wear it on that day and feel less than fulfilled. These are some of the things you must avoid when getting your wedding gown in order to make sure you’ll be beaming with smiles as you slip into it on that special day.

#1: Shopping at the wrong time

Be sure to go dress shopping when you have a fair idea of the time and venue of the wedding. It helps to determine other things like the season and the setting which could influence the kind of dress you would want to get. If you get a dress too early, chances are high that you’ll order for something only to regret it when nicer ones come along. On the other hand, shopping too late may come with associated costs because of the limited time. Besides, there wouldn’t be enough time for alterations if the need be. Also, with the time constraint, you may end up settling for something you don’t like. It is suggested that you begin your shopping about nine months to the due date.

#2: Buying your dress in the wrong size

One thing a lot of brides do is to order the gown in a smaller size than they are at the moment. They do that in anticipation that they would lose some weight before the wedding day and would then be able to fit into the dress. However, it’s not a good idea because there is no guarantee that you would reach your target size by then. And it’s much more convenient to make a gown smaller than to make it bigger. Expanding a gown can cause the original stitching to show and delicate fabric to fray. This could end up ruining the dress. When a gown is sewn in your current size, your seamstress can always alter it to fit you if you do lose weight as anticipated. And you still get to be comfortable in it.

#3: Not doing your research

Unless you know what exactly you want, you can get overwhelmed when doing your shopping. So it’s very advisable to do your research in advance. Identify your body type and find out what kind of dress flatters your figure most. Then you can have a look at wedding magazines and sites online to find wedding dresses with features that appeal to you. You could even end up picking different features from different dresses. Collect pictures that you like and take them along for your shopping. This helps your consultant shortlist dresses with features you like so you can try them on.

#4: Taking too many people shopping

Your ability to shop peacefully is greatly affected by the people you take along with you. Taking too many people with different opinions will cause chaos. In the confusion, you may even end up making the wrong decision. So be strategic when choosing those you’ll be going with. Instead of taking a crowd as your entourage, just take one or two people you trust and whose opinion matters to you.

#5: Disregarding the bridal consultant’s advice

Bridal consultants typically have a lot of experience. Most likely, they’d have dressed hundreds of brides in hundreds of dresses and throughout the years, have gained a lot of expertise on the job. That makes them a credible source when it comes to seeking advice on dress picking. However, many brides aren’t open to the suggestions their consultants give them. You might want to avoid that since it’s very likely that you’ll be pleasantly surprised at what she picks for you.

#6: Failing to consider undergarments

Another error you’re likely to make is to wear the wrong undergarments. Brides usually don’t pay too much attention to their undergarments when they go dress shopping. The problem that can arise is that if what you wear during dress shopping is different from what you wear on your wedding day, it could change the outward appearance of the dress. That may not turn out as well as you want it to. It is highly recommended that you send any undergarments you intend to wear on the wedding day along for your dress shopping so you can dress fully with them. It helps to avoid any surprises in future. It would also be great to take along any accessories that would be ready by then so you can try them out.

#7: Neglecting your budget

It’s very easy to lose track of your budget when you start seeing all those lovely dresses. In the end, you could fall in love so deeply with a dress only to hear that it’s way above your budget. The more self-controlled ones would walk away very heartbroken. But if at this point, you’re obsessed, you just might go ahead and buy it – which of course means you’d have to sacrifice something else somewhere. Save yourself the trouble by giving your bridal consultant prior notice of your budget so everything she picks out for you would be at a price you can afford. Make provisions for the cost of alterations and accessories too.

#8: Settling for a dress you don’t love

The exhaustion of trying on dress after dress coupled with the pressure from your entourage can cause you to settle for a dress you don’t really love. There is the likelihood that you’ll regret the decision later, after you’ve regained your energy. You must understand that the chances that you’ll fall in love with the first, second or even third dress you try on is quite low, so go for dress shopping well-prepared mentally. And take your time to search for that dress. Don’t hastily conclude on a dress you’re not a hundred percent sure of. It’s advisable you go home and sleep over it. If you find yourself still thinking about it or you’re attracted to it the next time you see it, it may actually be the one. However, if the enthusiasm dies off with time, forget about it and keep looking. You’ll definitely find it.

#9: Chasing discounts

Don’t be swayed by discounts on wedding dresses. Some brides are prone to hurriedly buying dresses from sample sales and end of season sales because they’re cheaper. The unfortunate thing that can happen is that you’d either end up settling for something not too ideal or you spend a lot of money on alterations. You could also end up settling for very poor services. Be willing to spend reasonably for good service and a beautiful gown. You deserve it.

#10: Being close-minded

Your heart may be set on a certain style, but be open to other ideas, especially from the bridal consultant. It’s possible that you may not find what you want, or even if you do find it, that it wouldn’t suit you. You’ll definitely find something that you’ll fall in love with, and it may come as a surprise that it would be something that you never expected to see yourself in!


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Happy planning!

Team Ayefro.

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