How I managed to make my wedding fun, despite the heavy rains!

So you’ve managed to sail through the bustle of planning your wedding. And on very rocky waters, I must say. You nearly broke down under all the pressure but thank God, you only barely escaped it. Now today is your wedding day. You get to just sit down and look pretty while other people run around to make your day lit. So far, so good – the day is going very well. Everything is happening as planned. And just as the minister is about to lead you through your vows, you hear a clap of thunder. And no, it’s not a mere threat. In less than fifteen seconds, the rains come tumbling down.

Now, you’re very confused. You’re not into news but you actually sat through three different news reports on TV last night so you could catch the weather forecast. And they all promised sunshine! So you’re trying to figure out whether three meteorologists suck at their job or they were all caught unawares. But for now, there is at least one other potential disaster you should be worried about.

Your wedding.

Well, I’ve got some good news for you – it isn’t as bad as it sounds. Actually, it can be marvelous news for you if you know how to work it out before the wedding. Here are some great ideas to incorporate into your wedding to make it remain beautiful, even in the midst of a storm. Who knows? You could end up even hoping it rains on your wedding day!

I have experienced this before. Just as we had finished the exchange of vows and we were getting ready to go to the wedding reception party, it started to rain. Heavily! We still had a lot of fun that day.

Tip 1: Have a back-up venue plan

That may not be necessary if you’re going to be indoors throughout the ceremony. But if you have plans of having an outdoorsy kind of wedding, ask your venue service providers if they have a back-up plan for rainy weather and if access to it comes with additional cost. If they don’t have any such plans, have a tent rental on speed dial and set up arrangements for the wedding day. If possible, find out if they’re flexible enough to charge only if their services are actually employed. That way, you lose nothing if it doesn’t rain on that day. But even if they aren’t open to that, I’d like to think you’re better off with a plan anyways, especially in the rainy season. Your guests won’t be too thrilled with the idea of attending your reception in the rain.

Tip 2: Talk to your photographer



If you’re dealing with an experienced photographer, there’s the likelihood that he’s been confronted with a similar situation before. Find out for sure and if he has, try and get some ideas from him on how to make it more fun and unique. Know his plan for the change in weather and if it’ll affect your budget in any way. It’ll amaze you what beautiful shots you can get in that weather, capturing the raindrops. And experts say that the color saturation can get up to ten times more beautiful in overcast or rainy weather as compared to in the brilliant sunlight.

Tip 3: Check on your make-up – and your general appearance

Waterproof makeup is highly recommended – especially if the bride is an emotional one. You don’t want any tears to run your mascara down your face. But that aside, you may need to make some last-minute changes in case it does rain on that day. Also, if you’d intended to wear your hair down, you might want to consider holding it up in a beautiful messy bun or a relaxed flower crown – to keep it out of the rain.  Sneaking in a pair of flat shoes too would be a good idea so you can walk comfortably on soft soil.

Tip 4: Make pretty parasols available


It’s your day all right – duly acknowledged. And your guests are happy for you – granted. But I’m pretty sure your guests would be even happier if they can enjoy your day with their hair and clothes dry. Save them the trouble of getting drenched while moving from their cars to the wedding and/or reception venues and back – assuming they even have cars. Make cute umbrellas available. And use it as a chance to get creative – you could get them in your wedding colours, monochrome or even a flood of colours. You could also get some colourful wellington boots for the bridal party. These don’t just keep you and your guests dry – they also add to making great wedding photos.



Tip 5: Embrace the rain and have fun!

It’s raining. So what?

You’re gonna get wet. Deal with it. Or better still, have fun with it.

Go ahead and get some awesome photos. They’re even prettier with the raindrops. And don’t worry about your dress getting dirty – it can be washed. The groom’s suit? It can be washed too! So don’t hold back. Feel free and sit down in the grass. Don’t be afraid to not be completely covered by an umbrella – those drops of water will make you shimmer.

Get creative again – take advantage of the rain and come up with some games on the spot.

It’s raining on your wedding day! Embrace it, go have fun, and get wet!

And when you’re having fun, your guests just can’t just help but have fun too. Who cares if their favorite clothes are dripping wet?


Of course, implementing these may add up to your expenses – remember to include them in your budget. And make merry! Rain on your wedding day doesn’t have to suck. So long as you’re ready for it, even if the rain hits you with its best shot, you can still smile effortlessly.

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Happy Planning!

Team Ayefro.


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