Do this, and you would have an unforgettable and special Wedding Reception!

Most likely, at this point, you’ve been to a significant number of weddings. And you’ve formed an opinion of what a typical wedding would be like – the venue, the order of service, the activities at the reception, etc. As a matter of fact, you can almost perfectly predict everything that would take place, from the very beginning to the end.

Now, think of this – wouldn’t it be fun to throw your guests off-track? Give them something they’re not used to seeing every day. Here are some fun ideas to try out on your venue.

#1: Try an unconventional venue.

This is a great opportunity for you to get creative. Everybody is used to seeing the reception at the same venue of the wedding, or probably at a hotel or another church hall nearby. But you could probably get a public park or an art gallery, or even the Conference Centre (just kidding!). It would do your guests well with a change in scenery. And another great thing about some of these places is that because they typically don’t host weddings, they may not cost as much as the conventional venues do. Perhaps the only drawback is that your guests would have to move from one place to another. But hey – it’s your wedding! I’m sure they wouldn’t mind too much.

#2: Drape the Room.


You want to stick to your church hall? Not a problem. You can try draping the entire room to give it a new look. It’s exceptionally helpful when the hall has paint that clashes with your wedding colours. You could choose a fabric that matches the colours or just pick white for a classic look. Draping just the ceiling too gives a great look. It’s a cheaper alternative to doing the whole room.

#3: Light up the room


Another way to instantly make over an enclosed space is with lighting all over. A soft pink or amber creates a warm glow that makes even the simplest room stylish. To create an even more dramatic effect, you can highlight a few key spots with smaller lights. For instance, you can shine a light on the cake, the bride and groom and the gift table.

#4: Make a Family Photo Wall


You could have a wall of family wedding photos from generation to generation. Dedicate a row to his family and one to yours. In the end, you have something that looks like a family tree. It’s a great way to also keep your guests entertained while they’re waiting for the reception to begin officially.

#5: Hang a Lot of Paper Lanterns

Paper lanterns in themselves aren’t a new concept. However, when the regular number is multiplied by a hundred, it creates a whole new effect.

#6: Get a Photo Backdrop

Obviously, a significant number of your guests would love to take pictures on your day. So give them a nice background to be able to do just that. Layers of different colours and shapes could create a stunning backdrop. Add easily customizable materials like balloons, paper flowers and garlands of greenery. You could also simply go with a big panel of fabric that matches your wedding style. To make it even easier for your guests to associate the pictures with your wedding, there could be a board with your names and the wedding date written on it.

#7: Hang Your Flowers

Instead of the characteristic centrepieces we see every day, try suspending flowers in pots a few feet away above your guests’ dinner plates. Decorating experts say it also helps keeps the guests’ eyes away from a floor you’re not too fond of.

#8: Rent coloured glassware

Another detail you can add to make your tables even nicer is to use coloured glassware. It adds a little personality to your tables and the little splashes of colour from all over the room gives it a special look

#9: Design Fun Coasters

Customize practical coasters that make sure drinks are not cleared from the table while your guests are enjoying themselves on the dance floor. And at the end of the day, they can take them home as favours.

#10: Leave thank-you notes on the tables


A great way you can appreciate your guests for making it to your wedding is by telling them yourself. Leave little notes at each seat telling them how grateful you are that they shared in your joy. For smaller settings where seating arrangements are made in advance, you can customise each person’s card with his name. It could read, “Thank you Thomas for travelling in from Kumasi. We appreciate your presence”. For larger numbers, it would be more realistic to stick to a common message throughout.

Using some of these tips would do a good job of creating uniqueness at your ceremony. Of course, implementing some of these would require a good sum of money, so keep your budget in mind. But when you think about it, the expense could be worthwhile for such a day that would forever linger in your heart.

Guess what? This message is in two parts. Read the second part here.

Happy planning!

Team Ayefro.


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