Guess what? Your beautiful Gold Wedding Ring is fake!

It’s true. You are probably walking around, displaying a very expensive Gold ring with about 14 diamond stones set brilliantly in it, elated, in your mind, that you are one lucky woman. When you walk into a room, you can almost feel every pair of eyes turning in your direction. Not just because of your gorgeous round face, but because of the “Shine” on you. Yeah. You are shining baby!

So what influences people when they set off to buy wedding rings?

Well, the ring must definitely be nice. It must have at least one diamond, not just any diamond, a big diamond on it.

We hear a lot of ladies say “as for the decor and the food and the music, it is for my guests. But the ring, it is for me. I am only getting married once. So I can cut down on all other services, but for the wedding ring, it MUST be expensive!”

“After all, when I am walking in town, that is the only way that people would know that I am married”.


Well, we (Ayefro Inc) decided to conduct a small survey. We posted some pictures of wedding rings on Facebook, and invited our community of users to quote how much they would buy the rings for. You can view that survey here.


This is how we went about the survey.

  1. We searched for some fake gold rings online, worth less than $2 each. Most were about $1.
  2. We took pictures of the rings which lots of people buy for their weddings and traditional marriages.
  3. We asked our community to give price quotes on how much they would purchase the rings for.
  4. We showed the actual price of the rings the next day. Below are the fake rings.

From our survey, we concluded that;

  1. Most ladies placed higher value on white gold than yellow gold rings.
  2. People would gladly part with a minimum of $150 on a ring because of it’s beauty.
  3. 100% of people do not know what to look for when buying a gold ring.
  4. 100% of people do not know how to buy a genuine gold ring.

See survey results here.

It became obvious, therefore, that we had to share some tips on buying Gold rings.

If you have read this far, then you are on your way to saving yourself heartache from fraudsters who sell fake gold rings for the price of the genuine ones.

So, shall we begin?



Before we begin, I would like to share how I bought two different fake phones, one online, and the other in person.

Most people want bargains and discounts on “unbargainable” and “undiscountable” items like phones. I am no different. So I saw this phone which was selling for $700 dollars at the time, being sold for $350 online. I was so excited. I was going to get the latest phone for such a great price. Well, guess what? Even as cheap as it was online, when I contacted the seller, I still bargained for him to further reduce it. After all, we are in Africa. Even if the thing is cheap, we must bargain. That is how we are!

To cut a long story short, I ended up buying a fake version of the phone, which got spoilt in less than 2 weeks! Eventually, I paid for the original and used it for a long time.


One would have thought that I would learn a thing or two from this experience. No! When it was time to buy another phone, sometime later, this time, I went to the center of CONLAND in Ghana, called Circle, now known as Dubai.

This time, I believe a spell was cast on me. I purchased a phone, which happened to be a dummy, you know, those phones they exhibit in phone shops which do not even have screens. Yeah. I bought and paid for it with money! Hard-earned cash.

This is how it happened. On the way to buy the new phone, I was stopped by one of the young rasta guys by the roadside who showed me a very brand new, high-end phone of a company who made another premium phone, whose battery blasted and was recalled. This phone would have cost a fortune if I was buying it from a shop. But because I enjoy cheap stuff, I decided to purchase it for 1/10th of the original price. Long story short, the rasta guy switched the phone and gave me the dummy.


So what at all has this got to do with gold rings for my upcoming wedding?


  • Never buy a wedding ring from a wayside seller or from dubious sources.
  • Before you buy, let the seller write you a warranty receipt. If he is unwilling to, it probably means that the ring is fake.
  • There is no such thing as a pure gold ring. Even if there is, trust me, you would not be wearing it everyday. Pure gold is 24 Karats gold. This just means that it is not mixed with any other metals. 24 Karats gold is the purest. So if you go to a jewelry shop and someone displays 40 Karats gold, just show him this post. Then do this.
  • 24 Karats gold is soft. When it mixes with other elements, that is when it assumes it’s hard shape.
  • If you plan on wearing the jewelry on a daily basis, you will probably want it to be no more than 18 karats, i.e. 75 percent pure, to avoid damage.
  • Most gold rings sold on the market are 18 Karats and below.
  • The ring should have an inscription of the purity somewhere, usually, it can be found on the inside of the band. This can be written in Karats, example, 18K, or it can be in percentage purity. 24 Karats is 100%. Therefore, you might see 1000 on the ring. This means it is 100% pure. Or you might see 750, which means it is 75% pure, in that case, it is 18 Karats. I know people who hate Math will start feeling dizzy. Don’t worry. If it is 12 Karats, all you need to do is 12/24 * 100 = 50%. Therefore, you would see 500 written on the band.
  • There are different types of gold rings, namely, White, yellow, pink and green gold. Yellow gold represents the color of the natural color of the mineral but that doesn’t mean that all yellow gold jewelry is pure. Don’t assume that yellow gold is pure and always check the markings.White gold is created by mixing in palladium or nickel. It resembles silver but has a slightly brighter hue.Pink or rose gold is created by mixing in copper.Green gold is created by mixing in silver. Because of the value of both silver and gold, green gold is usually more expensive than other varieties.
  • Remember that if it is gold-plated rings, it is not gold rings.
  • Don’t buy at the first store. Compare, compare, compare. Or, just ask us to help you get the best deals.
  • One neat tip we always recommend is to tell the jeweler that you would go and check the ring at a certified jewelry shop and if it is fake you would return it. If the Jeweler gets angry, heheheh, you know what I am going to say.
  • If the ring is too cheap, it probably is fake. How would you know if it is cheap, take a picture of it and send to about three other shops and ask how much you can get it for.
  • Take the ring to another jewelry shop and tell them that you are coming to sell the ring. Then quote a price far higher than how much you purchased it for. This will offend the jeweler and he or she would give you the original price of the ring you have purchased. You may be shocked at what you would hear. Please note, this should be done only when you have received warranty on the ring you purchased.


If you have any questions or challenges, do not hesitate to contact us via so that we can help you get the best deals for your wedding rings and all other event services.

If you are a jeweler who wants to be a part of our featured vendors, contact us now!

Ayefro Inc, Fun Fast and Reliable event planning on the go!

Happy Planning.

Team Ayefro.


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