10 Hidden Facts About Wedding Gowns You Did Not Know.

Still searching for your dream wedding dress? Have you ever taken a second to consider why wedding gowns are usually white?  Is it true that white gowns symbolised virginity? Well… you’ll be amazed at these fun facts about wedding dresses! Since we’re wedding fanatics that fall asleep dreaming of elegant gowns and impeccable wedding settings, we took the liberty to dig around and find 10 fascinating facts about wedding gowns and traditions that you did not know.

Do enjoy the reading!

 Fact #1

The original idea of brides wearing white did not symbolise virginity or purity. That idea of purity was not so important especially in the days when washing was done painstakingly. so it was only for the very wealthy. Since white was a difficult colour to obtain and preserve, only wealthier women could afford such dresses. Hence, white wedding gowns symbolised wealth.

 Fact #2

The colour Blue rather represented purity, piety and was associated with the Virgin Mary. The white gown is, in fact, a symbolic Christening gown. Later, many people assumed that the colour white was intended to symbolise virginity.

Fact #3

Queen Victoria is credited with starting the Western world’s white wedding dress trend in 1840 — before then, brides simply wore their best dresses (interesting right!). The amount and the price of material a wedding dress contained was a reflection of the bride’s social standing and indicated the extent of the family’s wealth to wedding guests.

Fact #4

Wedding gowns vary from culture to culture, country to country. For example, in China, India, and other Eastern cultures, brides often wear red or a white-red combination, as the colour red symbolises auspiciousness and good luck. In Japanese weddings, brides often adorn multiple colourful dresses throughout the ceremony and the festivities which follow.

Fact #5

For French royals, white was actually the colour of mourning.

Fact #6

The early Celts liked red wedding dresses because they signified fertility, and you wore black if you were marrying a widower or your last husband had died (which happened a lot). Some brides even wore black because the  dark colour easily hide stains and imperfections and could be worn again.

Fact # 7

And guess what’s behind the wearing of veils?

Brides wear veils to ward off demons!!

Why? Because Romans were scared of evil spirits popping into the ceremony to curse the couple. They thought that making it look like the bride was on fire would scare them off.

This belief eventually progressed into using the veil to confuse spirits. The Romans figured that by covering up the bride’s face, the spirit wouldn’t be able to make their attack as they wouldn’t be sure who the bride actually was. (interesting story huh!)

Fact #8

Brides wear veils to symbolise their virginity.

Fact #9

Brides have their veils lifted as a sign of ownership:    Think about it this way: whoever unwraps a present is the owner, right?

Fact #10

whats with the long train attached to the gowns?

The brides’ trains were a sign of her position in society. The longer the train, the more prominence she held. Typically, wedding dresses with long trains are categorised as being formal wedding dresses, whereas wedding dresses with short trains, or no train at all, are categorised as informal wedding dresses.

I believe you must be amazed at these interesting facts. Well, you don’t have to find it difficult wearing the colour of your choice when it comes to choosing a gown. Sure, there are plenty of options out there! So, feel free and choose! It’s a fun world..stand out! It doesn’t always have to be white!!!  how about BLUE?..LOL


Enjoy this funny poem of what to wear to marry!!!!

Married in White, you have chosen right

Married in Grey, you will go far away

Married in Black, you will wish yourself back,

Married in Red, you will wish yourself dead,

Married in Green, ashamed to be seen,

Married in Blue, you will always be true,

Married in Pearl, you will live in a whirl,

Married in Yellow, ashamed of your fellow,

Married in Brown, you will live in the town,

Married in Pink, your spirit will sink.

Source: The Book of Love, K. C. Jones

Happy Planning!


Team Ayefro.

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