Oh, something nice and simple.

Many couples come to us at Ayefro Inc without any clear picture or idea of what they want for their wedding or other event. The story often goes like this:

Couple: How much do you charge for wedding decor?

Ayefro Inc: Wedding decor prices are determined by the number of expected guests, features of the decor you want, location, venue, and the experience of the vendor.

Couple: Ook. So how much?

Ayefro Inc: What kind of setup do you want?

Couple: Oh, something nice and simple.


We are now convinced that this phrase is the most used, misused, and abused phrase when it comes to wedding or event planning.


The funny thing is when you ask them to send you pictures of works they have seen which they would want replicated, or to give us an idea of what they are looking for (sometimes we show them lots of pictures), they usually come up with the most expensive and flamboyant decor setups you could ever imagine.

It gets better! Then when you ask for their budgets, you hear prices which essentially will not even be sufficient to rent the chairs required for their expected number of guests.

This can be incredibly frustrating for any other wedding planner. But not us!

Here at Ayefro Inc, we love challenges. We are committed to ensuring that every client we meet is very delighted and satisfied. We love to work with any kind of budget. How are we able to do so? Because we have a large vendor portfolio with a combined 20 years of work, who are willing and able to take any budget and produce outstanding works.

The customer is always first with Ayefro Inc.

Why work with us?

  1. We are extremely patient with our clients.
  2. We are not intimidating, terrifying, or hyper aggressive.
  3. We have a rich portfolio of event vendors.
  4. We will deliver! We always do.

So, are you planning an event? kindly contact us now.

Are you a vendor, looking to expand your customer base? Get in touch now!

Know someone who is getting married soon? Share this post with them.


Happy Planning!

Team Ayefro.

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