Hey guys, I’m back again!! With new wedding ideas. Lately, there’s been a new trend of inviting people to engagements and weddings and I’m sure you guys are witnesses to this new wave. Invitations are now sent via social media coupled with pre-wedding photo shoots. Before this”Era” it was a traditional and in-person way of inviting people which went like: “The Adewumi & Thompson  families invite you to witness the holy matrimony of their Son &  Daughter, Ifeanyi and Ewurama”…, hope this rings a bell! You can’t have a big wedding without inviting people!!.

It can be incredibly difficult to craft an invitation that both looks cool and provides guests with the information they need. So, today we’re bringing you a selection of some of the most unique invitations we’ve seen out there for your inspiration.

Now lets get started!

Know your STYLE and COLOUR

 Some invitations are like a breath of fresh air, completely unique and special in their own way, while others are just the regular and traditional cards we know.When you’re sending out wedding invitations,  not only do you want your invitees to get all the details they need such as date, time, and location, you also want them to receive a beautifully crafted package that represents the personalities of you and your fiancé.

You should have an idea of the type of event you’re throwing—classic and elegant, casual and relaxed, or glam and modern—it will help you with the design. You can browse the internet for wedding invitation designs and gather inspiration so you can give your stationer an idea of what you like.

Also keep your wedding colours in mind.- you may want to incorporate it into your wedding invitation. However, you do not want to use too bright colours or too dark colour combinations. This will make the card boring and unattractive. eg. dark blue and green (serioulsy, that’s terrible!) or perhaps gold and yellow (thats certainly too bright).

Don’t CROWD  The Card..

Its true we want to provide all the details the guests need but we also do not want to put too many details to crowd the card.

  • List only the key points on your invitation: ceremony time and location, the couples’ or both families names, the dress code (optional)  RSVP information and  direction to the venue (especially if the venue is not popular and hard to find). Don’t squeeze too much onto the invitation card – it can make it harder to read—and it won’t look as elegant.
  • Make sure the text or words are legible (very clear to read)


Consider The COST

Inasmuch as we want to have a beautifully designed invitation card we do not want to spend too much on them. There’s a way to cut down cost.ask me how?

 ELECTRONIC  Invitation Cards! that’s Trendy, isn’t it?

If you are on a low budget, you do not need to print out the exact number of invitation cards for your wedding guests. For your family and friends who like the traditional style of doing things, you can send them the print format of the invitation card. For your tech-savvy friends and family, send them an electronic version. You can do this via Facebook, Whatsapp or through email. Isn’t that cool? This is true especially for your old school mates. They wouldn’t mind too much.

However, remember to be creative, and break away from the old, cliche kind of invitation card. Never be afraid to try something new. You are unique!

Check out some Creative Designs !!!..


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I hope you were inspired!

Happy Planning.

Team Ayefro.

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