why wedding cakes?

Cake is happiness! if you know the way of cake, you know the way of happiness”!

Cakes have always been a part of wedding ceremonies since time immemorial. Interestingly rather than being eaten, cakes were thrown at the bride as a symbol of fertility,  prosperity,  happiness and good life to the newlywed couple.

The bride’s cake eventually transformed into the modern wedding cake we know today.It was usually a simple pound cake with white icing because white was a sign of virginity and purity.The cake was made in tiers representing prosperity and was a status symbol which only wealthy families could afford.(very interesting yeah)


Wedding cakes come in several types, shapes,  tiers and flavours. Traditional wedding cakes are white, including decoration and icing varieties such as buttercream and almond etc. Wedding cakes based on flavour include chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry. I’m sure at this point, you are already salivating.

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Well, to some, cutting of the cake symbolises the bride losing her virginity.To others, it tells a story of how bittersweet marriage is, in that, just like the cake has different layers comprising icing,(the very sweet part) and the dark chocolate ( the bitter part of the cake) and then finally the middle part of the cake( lingering sweet part).,marriage also has a very sweet beginning, from the honeymoon to  the troublesome times and finally the part when everything works out. (I’m sure there’s a lot running through your mind now.)

What STORIES  have you heard about the meaning of cake cutting?

please share with us.

Happy planning.

Team Ayefro!

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