The date for the wedding has been set, now it’s time to invite people but the big question is, “where do I start?, who do I include and who should I rule out? “.

Inviting people to your wedding can be a ‘BIG’ deal, particularly in our part of the world! Forget someone and you are bound to be held in animosity for years (lol). But inviting guests should not be stressful and mind-boggling especially in this day and age where technology has made things simple and easier.

Drafting and cutting your guest list might not be as fun as tasting cake flavours or wine but with these amazing tips, you should be smiling like a beauty waking from a happy dream. Now let’s start with the  Tips:

Decide on who sets the Rules!

Making a Guest list can get messy sometimes, especially if your parents are involved financially (either on one or both sides of the family). They may get ahead of themselves thinking the wedding is for them (lol) and end up inviting almost all of their old school mates and friends.(I’m sure you know what we mean).

So it will be best if you discuss the list with them so there are no surprises or you might end up with their guest list and not yours.But then you would want to listen to their concerns since they will be assisting you financially to reach an agreeable final guest list in order to cut down cost.

Be clear and firm about your expectations before you accept help from them.Traditionally the couple gets half of the guest list and each parent gets a quarter. So if you plan to invite 200 people, you invite a 100 and your parents get to invite 50 each. The most drama-free way to split a guest list.

Think Big!

Think of all the people you will like to see at your dream wedding starting from your family, friends, school mates (high school, university etc..), workmates, acquaintances, etc (your smartphone can be of help).  For now, we want you to take your mind off the budget. We would do the cutting out later!

JUST THINK BIG!..Free your mind to remember!

Now it’s time to trim the guest list!

This is the hardest part. BUT HEY, don’t start getting worried. We’re going to help you do that.

-Think about the last time you ever saw, spoke or heard from them. Have you ever met this person? then don’t invite them. Just be fair as much as possible. You can do this by making a checklist with an A list and B list.

-The A list which is your priority list includes the must-have invitees. that is the immediate family and close friends who must be at the ceremony.

-The B list includes additional friends, extended family, and professional friends that you are planning to invite.

AVOID last-minute add-ons. Think of the budget and venue space!

You may feel bad about cutting people, but the reality is, it is one of the simplest ways to save money and have the wedding of your dreams!!!

How was your experience in preparing your guest list?

Share with us.

Happy Planning

Team Ayefro!

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