Putting together your guest list!

So you have a date, you are not yet sure about the venue. Ok, let’s start again. So maybe, you do not have a date yet. But you guys love each other and have agreed to get married this year, next year, or some time in the future.

What next?

Good question! You know that you obviously want to have a very memorable event.

So what next?

Errrrm, looks like you are stuck. So you begin to ask friends, family and colleagues. Everybody has something to say and it really does not make too much sense to you right now.

So what do you do next?

Write down your guest list! That is what you do next. Well, unless of course, you are like me and you do not want anyone to come to your wedding because, probably, ermmm, you broke so many hearts on your way to your final “I DO”.

Anyways, back to what next.

How do you write it out?

Let me help you.

Take your phone. Go through all your messaging apps. Let’s say WhatsApp, the most recent 50 conversations there may be some of the people you want to invite. Then, you go through this very comprehensive list. Wink.

Please write the names, somewhere. The ladies usually have a diary for this.

  • Immediate family (I mean parents/guardians (well, duh!), siblings, grandparents (always remember them if they are alive), cousins, uncles, aunties, in-laws (after all this is Africa), etc)
  • Friends (best friends, good friends, great friends, ermmm, you get the drift right?)
  • Social circles (Work colleagues, High school and college colleagues, religious groups (again, remember this is Africa. People are extremely religious!), dancing club, reading club, writing club, soccer club, chelsea fans (just kidding) )
  • Any and all other groups. Your Dentist, Doctor, Mehanic, Carpenter, Mason etc. (If you think I am serious, know that I am only joking. However, if you think I am joking, know that I am dead serious)

Once you have written out your personal list, please show it to your significant other. Hopefully, he/she has already written his/her list as well.

Kindly compare and add and subtract accordingly.

Now count the number of people that you have jointly written and this is what in science, is referred to as your Expected number of guests! Congratulations, you now have a certificate in wedding planning.

Why is this list so important?

Well most likely because you intend to have a party, buffet, or garden wedding. Come on! You want to make your guests comfortable. Well guess what? They must sit on chairs. They must eat, etc. So, once you have that number, your decor company can work on providing you an invoice based on that number.

Number of chairs to provide, number of tables, number of plates, cutlery, table cloth, security men, servers, everything!

Everything depends on the guest list!

So, let’s get going! Start writing that guest list, today!

Need further information, you can comment, send us a message, call us, visit us (just not in our dreams like a certain pastor in a certain country in Africa).

Happy planning!

Team Ayefro.






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